Ways to Save Money When Printing at Home

Ways to Save Money When Printing at Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I know what you’re thinking—who uses a printer anymore? Well, the truth is, a lot of people do. I know y’all love your digital devices, electronic documents, emails, and so on, but let me tell ya—nothing beats the feeling of paper. Think about it; receiving a physical letter means a lot more nowadays than ever before. Additionally, a printer is great for more than just documents. You can print photos, games, crafts, and more. However, I know y’all feel the cost of printing, but you’re forgetting that you’re talking to the frugal mom. I’ve got you covered with a list of ways to save money when printing at home.

Print in draft or eco-mode

Almost every modern printer has what they call a draft or eco-mode, and you should be using it. Turning on draft mode simply tells the printer to use as little ink as possible, which saves you a ton of money when it comes to ink. If we’re being honest, the ink is really the most expensive part about printing, right? Well, stay tuned because I’ve got a money-saving tip for you later.

Be careful when buying paper

Of course, y’all need some paper; otherwise, your printer and ink are basically useless. I have two suggestions when it comes to paper. First, don’t go cheap. I know all our natural inclinations (including mine) are to find the best deal, but there’s a fine line between getting a deal and cheap stuff. Cheap paper sucks up ink like a sponge which will get expensive really quick. The cheap paper also isn’t cut very well, so you’re more likely to have paper jams every time you turn around, and that’s just frustrating if I do say so myself. Lastly, when you do buy paper, try to buy in bulk at a store, if you can. You’ll almost always save money by purchasing several reams at a time as opposed to one at a time.

Stop using name-brand ink cartridges

I promised y’all a money-saving tip when it came to ink cartridges, so here it is—stop wasting your money on the expensive brand-name cartridges shop at stores like Supply Link USA. Are the name-brand cartridges good? Of course, but there are options that are just as good and won’t make you cry a little when you buy them. If this all sounds good to you, y’all should start buying remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges; you’re going to save a lot more money!

Until technology is as tangible as paper, we’re going to continue using printers. That said, y’all aren’t going to break the bank with these ways to save money when printing at home.

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