Kitchen Ensemble: Stylish Designs For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Ensemble- Stylish Designs For Your Kitchen Cabinets from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Like other essential things in the house, kitchen cabinets are pieces of furniture that provide both order and style. Your ideal choice can reflect your personality and your artistry. Thus, to make the right choice, allow this read to guide you on making the best choice out of the multiple designs of kitchen cabinets available for you.

Designs and Investment 

Design as an investment? Yes! Understand how it will happen, specifically with your kitchen cabinets. Impressive designs give your cabinet a lush aesthetics; the stunning appeal adds value to it. Some designs offer a timeless appeal that does not fade with fashion. They are classic pieces that last for years and do not need a regular fresh start. These are the pieces worth investing in. 

Money spent on your timeless pieces provides a high return on investment. They may be pricey on a purchase, but everything is worth the price. Since these cabinets can last long, you avoid the cost of repairs, replacement, and remodeling. These designs are never outdated and never go out of style.

Pricey, quality, and timeless pieces increase value in time. The economic worth of your valued investment is notably perceived when it endured time, making it worth every cent spent on your design and the assembly itself.    

Styles and Designs

Please make sure that designs are well thought of before conversion to the actual cabinet regardless of whether it is a timeless piece or a contemporary design. You can do it yourself if you possess talent in design; likewise, you can also get professionals’ services to convert your ideas into sketch, drawing, and actual presentation. 

If you have the skill in furniture making, you may do it yourself, but there are always professional interior finishers who are experts to do the job. Interior finishers can do the job onsite, or they can make a rta kitchen cabinets offsite. RTA or ready to assemble cabinets come with parts that can easily be attached together. When all of the parts are ready and complete, you’ll be ready to install them in your kitchen. To come up with excellent cabinet style and design, know this guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Shaker Cabinet

The flat center panel and its square edges are the main features of this type. This cabinet uses a simple and minimalistic design yet so elegant, making it a popular design for kitchen cabinets. Created by the Shakers in the 18th century, they believed that excessive ornamentation was a sin of pride; thus, they focused on simplicity and integrity.

This cabinet type is characterized by an all-wood construction with recessed panel doors and a rail frame and panel construction. Shaker cabinet is a versatile type with dozens of colors to match any color of your home.  

  1. Framed Kitchen Cabinet

Called “face frame,” this cabinet complements any existing aesthetic of your kitchen. The frames accentuate the interior of the cabinet and give an accent to its borders. Its doors are installed on the frame and connected to the box, making it more sturdy and stable. However, a framed cabinet has a little less storage space because of the solid wood frame taking up more space.

  1. Base Cabinet

This type of cabinet is directly positioned on the floor, which defines the floor layout. The cabinet provides support for the countertop placed above; that’s why this cabinet must be very sturdy to carry the countertop’s weight, usually made from granite. Granite is an igneous rock formed beneath the earth’s surface from a solidified magma.

Aside from the granite’s weight, a base cabinet also carries the weight of other kitchen appliances and implements like dishwashers and kitchen sinks. The cabinets’ pullout drawers serve as the primary storage of cutlery, crockery, and other kitchen utensils. Thus, the functionality should be above and over aesthetics when designing it.

  1. Tall Kitchen Cabinet

These cabinets are free-standing pieces that extend from the floor and even up to the ceiling. It is substantially spacious to organize bigger appliances and even used for bulk food supply storage, called utility storage cabinet or pantry cabinet. Among the tall kitchen cabinets are the utility organizer cabinet, utility drop zone cabinet, tall pantry pullout, and pantry supercabinet.

  1. Wall Kitchen Cabinets

Coming from its name, this is a wall-mounted cabinet that can also be extended up to the ceiling using screws. A specialized cabinet screw or washer head screw is used to fasten the cabinet to the wall and the other cabinets. Use corrosion-resistant screws for optimum quality and performance.

The cabinet is used as storage for non-bulky kitchen accessories and small foodstuffs. A wall kitchen cabinet design can be made elaborate by using glass inserts and subtle lighting inside.


Several kitchen cabinet styles and designs are available for your choices; thus, it must be carefully thought of when designing and acquiring one. Designs and styles are a must to take into consideration to achieve their proper use and function. Designs and style can also speak of their worthiness and can become a timeless investment. Thus, spend on it wisely; make that perfect choice and make your ultimate design.

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