Midweek Moment:Don’t Ask Me to Dress a Turkey Unless it is at a TJMaxx


Well here it  goes, I am spilling the beans, and they’re not baked beans…..It’s only been recently within the last two years that I attempted to bake my first Turkey! I mean just being candid, It wasn’t until about a month ago that I finally mastered how to boil grit or is it grits??

 So I made the turkey purchase & was excited and nervous about preparing our feast. On the way home I stopped by TJ Maxx to pick out the perfect cooking outfit, a cute whimsy sweater, gaudy earrings, polka dot high heels & a monogrammed cuff bracelet. Let’s just face it, I can cook better if I am dressed in the proper attire!  Without a doubt I knew I would win the Betty Crocker distinguished cook of the year award. HONEY CHILD, when I removed that Turkey from the wrapper it was cold, wet & slimy all in one. I had to put a dog collar on it just to hold it down in the pan so it wouldn’t go flying out while I was buttering it! And there’s another thing….why do they put that paper bag with the” thingamajiggies” in between his legs. I am sorry, but how was I supposed to know to pull it out before I baked it. On top of that no one ever told me I had to thaw the rascal before cooking him. I have never panicked so much in my life. It was all I could do to get “him” to crawl in the bath tub and soak in hot water & towel off, grease down with the butter, jump in the stove and suntan to a crisp before my guests arrived!!  

 I love good food, and I can make some incredible mouthwatering lasagna ,spaghetti, and even a sweet potato casserole that would make your tongue wrap around your ankles twice ,but at that moment I knew I had twenty some people to feed and I felt overwhelmed, unprepared & unqualified to be in that kitchen!

That is just how some of us feel when we are called to do something new for the Lord. Our first response is me, are you kidding, I am not qualified! That is just how I felt when God was leading me into the ministry, overwhelmed, unprepared & unqualified.  Satan began to have a field day with my mind! “You in the ministry, hahaha, it will never work, you aren’t a licensed minister, you’re not a certified counselor, you will do nothing but fail!” I will never forget a statement I read in The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson one night while I was studying,” God does not always call the qualified but he will qualify the called.” It was all I could do to keep from shouting and waking up my family. I WAS not qualified, I did NOT have the degree but honey, I knew the man who was MORE than qualified, and he was walking right along side of me and with God  there was no way I could fail!! One of the great facts about the Christian church, is that throughout its existence, the Lord has chosen to use very ordinary people to do his work. I mean do you think any of us would have ever chosen who God used to be his twelve disciples or look at Noah, David and the list goes on.  Some of them were very uneducated and even a little ignorant but look how God used them to spread the gospel! What is it God is calling you to do, teach a Sunday School class, sing in the choir, start a Bible Study, or mentor youth. Isn’t it time you place your trust in him & allow him to qualify you?

I am proud to say that this will be a weekly post by my wonderful and beautiful friend, Beverly. She is part of a marriage ministry that will rock your socks off. Not only is she talented, but she is the probably the most genuine person I have ever met. She has agreed to write a post for me every week for the sole purpose of encouragement. I love her writing and I am just glad she is going to be a regular on this blog. Check out the end of the article to find out more about her and her wonderful site, Intentionally Yours.

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  1. David W. • In my experience when I feel 100% qualified to do a task I do not rely on Christ. In ministry because I do feel unqualified I rely 100% on Christ to work through me. It is not only pastors who feel this way ask a person to teach Sunday school. As to why we get discouraged is because we place man’s expectation on God’s work. I feel often there are two plans the pastors and God’s. As a man (pastor included) we want things done yesterday if not sooner. God seldom if ever is on “my” timetable. Often my plan has little to do with God’s plan. If students and pastors understood the reality of Moses and the exodus from Egypt to Jordan river. The trip by man’s account should have taken 4-10 days tops. Many pastor will get discouraged and quit 5 years into a 10 day trip I feel God’s plan was to to see how fast He could get them to the Jordan river but to teach them what they needed to know before they could start their new season of life.

  2. That’s exactly why we go to the Macy’s parade eash year–I NEVER cook the bird!! too much trouble–LOL Happy Thanksgiving!

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