Some More Blessings that Make Me Smile

Yesterday I started a challenge, one that I hope you join me on, finding 100 blessings to be thankful about. Here is my list from yesterday, just in case you missed it. Now here are my next 10 blessings.

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  • Carolina Railhawks Soccer- this is my happy place, the one place that the whole family loves to do together. It just so happens that we are heading up that way tonight to see them take on and defeat the LA Galaxy of the MLS. This will be a real treat for my girls because this will only be the second time that they will have seen an MLS team play and they are bringing Landon Donovan. Donovan is one player that plays for LA and has represented the United States in the Olympics and the World Cup. A lot of soccer fans were upset that he was not picked to play for the US in the World Cup this year but we are okay with it because we get to see him play.

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  • The TLC show The Little Couple- those that follow me on Facebook know just how much I love this show. I used to watch it on and off but once they adopted Zoey and Will, I can’t stop watching. I applaud TLC for having a nice family friendly show that is not about the drama but all about overcoming any challenges that life may throw at you.

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  • My Wedding Bands- I never realized just how lost I would be if I could not wear them until after we were in a car accident. My left arm and shoulder were so swollen that I could not even put them on. Now there are still some days that I can’t wear them because my hand and arm is swollen. But I am just thankful of the days I can wear them. I don’t feel right now wearing them. Like right now, I am typing without them on but they are in front of me where I can see them.


  • Having 2 more drivers in the house- Dealing with the accident was hard enough, but not being able to drive is killing me. Having two other drivers besides my husband and myself has made it so much easier.

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  • Blogging- I love that I recommitted myself to blogging and not worrying about the quantity of posts but the quality of posts. I will admit that I got away from the quality trying to be like every other blogger than I realized that I am not like every other blogger,  I am me and by trying to be like everybody else I kind of lost myself for awhile. But I am back and starting a new venture as well. Check out Champagne Style Bare Budget to find out more.

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  • Flowers- more specifically flowers from my garden I love being able to walk outside and pick a bouquet to display in my home. Most of my flowers are low maintenance and I love that as well.


  • The Beach- even though we only live about an hour from the beach we don’t get to go very often. There is just something about the sounds of waves crashing on the sand and the wind in your hair and that beach smell that brings back so many happy memories from my childhood.


  • My Faith in God- I will admit that there have been times that I questioned my faith and even questioned if there was a God but since Gracie’s diagnosis I have found the faith that I thought I had lost.

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  • Having a Good  Hair Day- Ladies, you know what I am talking about there are times when my hair had a mind of it’s own especially when it gets so long and I can’t do anything with. So when I do have a good hair day I smile because sometimes they are few and far between. Which brings me to the next blessing.


  • My hairdresser, Lisa- My hair is not your typical hair any amount of heat can make it go from straight to frizz. Luckily my hairdresser Lisa knows exactly what my hair needs. I have tried a lot of hairdressers in my life so many I lost count and there are very few who could do my hair without frying it, Lisa is one of the few. I am so glad I found her years ago and I hope she doesn’t stop doing hair anytime soon.

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