Presents Multiplied: Gift Ideas for the Math Maniac in Your Life

Presents Multiplied-Gift Ideas for the Math Maniac In Your Life

A great gift plus a math nerd equals happiness.  However, it’s easy to get stumped when thinking of a worthy present for a mentioned math fanatic.  So here are more than a few ideas to please them multiple times over.

Mobius Bottle Opener

Fans of the Mobius strip can appreciate the Klein bottle.  It’s a closed surface with one side and formed by passing one end through the side and then joining at the end.  Technically, it doesn’t have an inside or outside, a math marvel.  It’s a simple yet interesting way for math nerds to open their bottles.

Mini Telescope

This mini telescope attaches to an iPhone and comes with a tripod for 18x the magnification.  It’s a bit eccentric but math geniuses usually like that sort of sentiment.  It’s a great gift for the astrophysicist in your life.

Baseball Cap

Math nerds take more interest in the statistics of sports than the actual players.  This baseball cap references Isaac Newton’s Principia.  It was the book that covered the three laws of motion along with the law of universal gravity.

Personalized Ornaments

Math maniacs like to showcase their affinity for the subject.  Get them personalized ornaments so they’re continuously reminded of your token of affection.

Glowing Crystals

Math whizzes love academic kits.  This one incorporates crystals, and is a great way to step out from behind a book and enjoy a hands-on activity.  This activity should be reserved for older math nerds since there is a bit of cleaning involved regarding the aftermath.

Star Trek Phone Cover

In a Next Generation episode, Picard references Fermat’s Last Theorem, stating that it has not been solved in 800 years.  British math nerd, Andrew Wiles, found the proof years after the episode aired.  In a Deep Space Nine episode the proof was referenced.  This phone cover is a geeky reference to one of the most beloved shows in the world of geeks.

Roll-Up Chess Set

A regular chessboard is not very portable, yet a roll-up board is pretty convenient for an avid player while they’re on-the-go.  Getting this carry-on bag for a serious chess player is a good move and kind sentiment.

Arduino Computer Kit

This computer kit has 19 projects.  It’s designed for beginners but likely appreciated for more advanced users too.  It’s a great way to learn how to build devices and a thoughtful present for those who like (or want to learn how) to tinker.

3D Printer Pen

A 3D pen allows users to draw in a three-dimensional way.  Allow pictures and ideas to jump off the page.

Booze Book

Proof: The Science of Booze explains the physics, biology, chemistry, neurobiology, and more science behind drinking and different kinds of alcohol.  Even if your math nerd is not a big drinker they can increase their knowledge about one of the world’s most popular pastimes.

You don’t need a computer hacker to know what your math maniac will want as a present.  You just have to focus on the ideas above and the problem is solved!

Taylor Miller gives the most thoughtful gifts, according to her friends and family. She loves to find unique gifts that mean something to the recipient. Her gift-giving articles appear on a range of Mom and lifestyle blogs throughout the year.

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