Update on Us

Update on us

I know I haven’t written about us in a while, so here is a little update. We are taking each day as it comes. Instead of worrying about what might come up in the future we have the mentality to just get through the day.

Raul is still working as hard as ever. But he is also learning that he can’t do it all and sometimes he even takes time off to spend it with us.

Maddie is studying hard and almost has her first semester of her junior year under her belt. She has grown up to be a mature young lady. Living away from home – she has taken on the mentality of wanting to do things all by herself. It just seemed I blinked and she grew up.

Mikaela is well into her junior year of high school. I have seen the most change in her this year. I don’t know if it is because she feels like she is the oldest in the house, since her sister is away at school or what. But I am amazed in the beautiful mature young lady she is becoming.

Gracie has her good days and bad days but since her diagnosis we have been dealing with it one day at a time. She is getting so tall. She is not tallers than both of her older sisters. She often gets asked if she is a triplet or a twin. She just loves that.

Allie and Tutu- Our fur babies are doing fine. Allie is a little upset with us because a stray momma cat and her two kittens have decided to adopt us as their family. So now we have added Markie, Dan Pan and Cyokhu.

As for me, I am just taking it one day at a time. Today has not been the greatest of days as I am hurting to the point of tears. But I know that my good days have outnumbered the bad. I have learned to be more appreciative of people and things in life because you never know what will happen. So that has is an update on us. What has been going on in your life? Good news is always welcomed here.

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