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7 Winning Gifts That Will Seriously Wow Your Girlfriend

7 Winning Gifts That Will Seriously Wow Your Girlfriend from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

She’s a Queen. You know it, and she knows it. So how does one secure a gift suited for royalty? The answer is simple: show how much you care by creating awesome gifts around the things you already know she’s passionate about.

It might be worth mentioning that these are not “easiest” or “most frugal” gifts, although surely those have their place and time to shine. Rather, these more meaningful surprises are significant, meant to acknowledge your valued relationship and seriously spoil your partner. So if you’re truly ready to woo your boo, read on — and perhaps start saving up!

A Dream Getaway

Given that pretty much everyone is dreaming of a getaway these days, simply fulfilling the phrase isn’t exactly a tall order. Then again, by that same logic, an ultra luxurious vacation does indeed sound better now than ever before.

So maybe you can’t feasibly take a trip tomorrow, but it’s probably overdue. Having something to look forward to can be very powerful. Not to mention, the potential savings to be had by booking during these pandemically impacted times are substantial. Jumping on the promotions now to score a sweet vacay for later is like planning a much-deserved graduation party. Only in this case, everyone’s earned it.

Most importantly, remember to plan this adventure around the places and activities she’s dreaming of. When she sees how much you know and care about her, she’s sure to appreciate the sentiment, along with the sun (or snow) wherever you go.

Subscription Services

The possibilities here are endless. You name it, and there’s a monthly service or box for it. From houseplants and art supplies to anime desserts, wine, hot sauces, and misshapen fruit, every person’s “thing,” no matter how random or obscure, now has a subscription-ordered, clockwork-delivered box of surprises, making it easier than ever to treat ourselves (and our SOs).

It seems obvious that if flowers or chocolates melt her heart in February, they’ll be at least 12 times as appreciated when she gets them every month. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

An Online Class

Don’t get it twisted — this cannot be some technological iteration of a passive-aggressive hint-giving gift, like subtly offering a mop to someone you’d like to clean the floor (rude). So let this be a fair warning: Avoid subjects associated with known triggers or conflict.

Instead, spring for something totally new to her. That way, she can be excited to gain a fully fresh experience. Bonus points if it’s something you know she’s been wanting to try or learn — again, steer clear of anything she’s struggled with before. That kind of learning is reserved for her to take on at her own pace.

If the subject turns out to be a shared interest, you could enjoy this learning together. If it’s not your thing though, proudly beam as you watch her shine solo, admiring her brilliance.

Aromatherapy Abounds

The gift of aromatherapy boasts an array of perks. First, she gets to savor a selection of sweet and smile-inducing scents on the regular, all the while associating said smells and smiles with y-o-u.

Beyond this beautiful benefit, aromatherapy is amazing because it offers thousands of options for customizing to her liking. So whether she’s craving energy and motivation or rest and relaxation, her olfactory surroundings can support those goals.

This type of gift is especially meaningful, since it sends the message that not only do you love to care for her, you promote her self-care, too.

That Thing She Won’t Splurge On

You’ve noticed her wanting something, but she can’t justify the expense. This is an opportunity to reward her for such thrifty restraint (by briefly abandoning your own!). 

Don’t get too reckless, of course, but just imagine how relieved she’ll be when something she’s been saving up for is gifted to her out of the blue. Next level thoughtfulness, achieved.

Something Personalized

Blankets, cheese boards, puzzles, even books and board games, the list goes on…

Commemorating a nice moment together, creating a meaningful decoration featuring her name or her favorite anything, honoring a loved one or pet, and delivering a fun or surprising message. You can even personalize a Visa e gift card with a photo and sentimental message. These are just a few of the endlessly creative ways to make gifts more personal, impactful, and perfect for her.

The Ultimate Gift

If you adore her and don’t ever want to live without her, what are you waiting for? It’s a serious consideration, but if the time is approaching, it’s time to start saving. While you work up the funds and think up the plan, keep your ears open for her preferences.

If she’s swooning over a friend’s emerald cut engagement ring, take notice. When someone is proposed to publicly, does she appear to like or loathe the idea?

The key to nailing the perfect gifts, be it your engagement or a set of scented candles, is to really know your lady, and show her sincerely.

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