Another Thursday Movie Night

This week the movies were “17 Again ” with Zac Efron
(My oldest Maddie says that Zac Efron is her future husband.)
? and “The Happening” with Mark Wahlberg.
This movie has become a favorite for all of us. But it seems like
everytime we watch it the wind starts to blow. Coincendence or what??
But on the plus side Mark Wahlberg is nice to look at.
Zac Efron
Mark Wahlberg

Which one would you chose?
I know who I would chose. But enough about that here
are some more fun things from Movie Night.
We had Pizza and Hot Wings.
After the dinner, Maddie and Mikaela
decided to treat us to a floor show.
Here they are singing and dancing to “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars.
I won’t show the pictures of the sagging pants. LOL

I love how they are insync. Now we switch to NKOTBSB
in case you are wondering what that means it is
New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys.
They are dancing to “Don’t Turn Out the Lights.”

Their friend Cayce is enjoying the show.

At this point they are just being silly.

Mirror Dancing

The End of that Song

Now it is I want it that way by the Backstreet Boys.

Mikaela by that time lost interest esp after Maddie licked her.

Gracie is thinking please don’t pull me into this.

Guess what she did!!!!!

Now it is on to Step by Step by the New Kids on The Block

On by the way did I mention we were watching an episode of
Dancing with the Stars that I had Tivoed. And Guess who was
the musical guest, NKOTBSB

Had to add these pictures in for fun.
And since I had one of Mark had to show Donnie’s abs too.

Next it was on to the craft before the movie.
Mikaela was so wore out from the dancing she decided not to
do this part.
They got to make their own magnets.

Yes they are using permanent markers.

Gracie not sure what she is going to do.

Maddie’s Flower Magnet

Gracie’s Magnet- Silvermist From Tinkerbell

Cayce’s Abstract Magnet
Here are the attendees of our 2nd Movie Night this summer:

Mikaela (My middle one)
She recovered from the dancing to take a walk before the movie.

(my oldest)

(She is like a daughter to us)
and of course we can’t forget

Gracie and Beary.
Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday for another
Movie Night adventure.

Bye now!!

See ya next time.


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  1. What an entertaining post! 🙂 Love all of the pictures of the girls dancing…I remember when I was that age…thank goodness my mom doesn't have pictures of us dancing! LOL…Macarena anyone? LOL Oh…and to answer you question about who I would choose to watch…hands down Mark Wahlberg! 🙂

  2. I leave that for God to decide where Mark Wahlberg stndas in regards to the fornication of his past.If I remember correctly did not many of the Saints also suffer from fornication of their pasts as well? Should we reject St. Augustine for his sinful past of debauchery and fornication? Should we reject St. Jerome for his lustful desires he had in his heart even when he was scribing the Latin Bible? Maybe Mark Wahlberg sinned and still sins. But his desire may lead him closer to being Christlike. I say we pray for him not to stumble, as we all do and to let his pat remain between him and Christ.

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