A Frugal Prom Story

About a year and a half ago, a friend of mine found out they were moving. She had a yard sale and told me after to come over and let my daughters pick out anything they wanted. She just wanted to get rid of the stuff. In this bargain came several beautiful tea length or cocktail dresses that my older two, Maddie and Mikaela could wear.  Maddie was asked to go to the Junior/ Senior Prom at her school by a really good friend of hers this year. Tonight was the night. The most we spent was $20 for her hair and $16 for her purse. The shoes were from her 8th grade prom and the dress was one of the above mention dresses. We may not have spent a lot but she looks like a million dollars. Here is a picture of her and her date, Ricky.

Here is one by herself.

I am blessed to have such frugal minded daughters. Some parents I know spent almost $1000 on a prom. That is crazy. What is your frugal story?

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