Friday Fun Night

This past Friday we took in a local minor league baseball game. This event cost us nothing to attend. They were having a canned food drive. In exchange for bringing in 3 food items to be donated to a local food bank you received one free general admission ticket. These tickets cost $6.00 a piece. That was $30.00 we saved as a family.

This set the tone for the evening.
 Gracie modeling her new head wear on way to game.

The Baseball Water Tower

Took this one for my teenage girls need I say more.

The Cool Teenagers Hanging out before the game.

Gracie made sure to bring her glasses to make sure she did not miss any important plays.

The 2nd baseman had eyes in the back of his head.
I loved how he put the sunglasses behind his hat.

Muddy in a John Deere Gator

The smoke from the fireworks after one of the Mudcats hit a homerun.

You can barely see the firetruck putting out the small fire the fireworks caused. LOL

And course Beary came with us. They have on matching outfits.

Hubby ready to catch a foul ball.

The Turkey Sandwich contest

One of the Mudcats at bat.

This was after he was hit by the ball.

The Beautiful Sunset over the Park

The Tractor Race

Love this one of the pitcher warming up
Gracie getting her glove signed by Muddy

Here she is with the glove

Hubby had to get his ticket signed too.
Should I be worried?

Near the end of the Game

Now they are just being silly.I apologize to all
the Red Soxs fans for the Yankees hat.

The Score was 5-1 when we left at the top of 8th inning.
The Mudcats were winning but not for long the final score
was 6-5 the other team. They ended up scoring 5 runs in the
9th inning to win.

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