A Woo Hoo for Me

I went to the grocery store today we needed milk and meatballs. Yea didn’t you know that they are standard staples in everybody’s life. Actually I bought me more than that. See my hall,
Okay so now here is the big  WooHoo!!!!
Morton Salt price $.59 FREE Coupon
Mama Lucia Meatball $6.99
Gallon of Milk $3.79
Kid Cuisine Popcorn Chicken  price $2.50 FREE Coupon
Foam Plates $3.99
Purex Detergent  price $5.99 FREE Coupon
Suave Lotion  price $2.99 FREE Coupon
Pantene Shampoo price  $4.59 FREE Coupon
Herbal Essences Shampoo  price $3.89 FREE Coupon
Before Coupons Total was  $35.42
After Coupons $12.68
With tax paid total of $14.08
I saved  a total of $22.74

How about a BIG WOOHOO!!!!
And I still have more free coupons to use. How did I get these coupons you ask?
Stay tune for a post to tell you how to get these deals.

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  1. Hi there ; )

    I'm stopping by from Lucas's Journey to thank you for linking up with us this weekend and to let you know I've been following you for a while. 😉

    Thank you for following us and I hope you come back next weekend to meet some more new friends ; )


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