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What do you tell your 8 year old about goals?? Do you tell her that her goal is not obtainable or do you try to steer in a more obtainable direction?

Let me begin with saying Gracie is my 8 year old daughter. She is a very smart girl. She loves to learn and loves to play with her older sisters. She also loves animals every shape and form. We have had the gambit of pets in our house from dogs, cats, fish, hermit crabs, ladybugs, hamsters, and even pet chickens. There is only one rule that my husband stands by that the one with fur are not allowed in the house. We have a beta fish named aqua who lives with us in the house and then we have 2 wonderful dogs Winnie and TuTu who are outside dogs.

Then we have Gracie our 8 year old who wants to be a dog when she grows up. That’s right she wants to be a dog not own one. She will get into her dog mode and walk around on all fours greeting guests at the door. She even has play dates with our next door neighbors dog, Scooter ( who is a hot dog and adores all the attention).

We try to tell her she can’t change species but she doesn’t want to listen she sometimes puts her food on the floor so she can even eat like a dog . I know it is just a phase she is going through and it is funny but at what point do you say enough?????

I don’t encourage but I also don’t discourage her because you are only young once and being young you are allowed to be silly. I just hope that she will focus on her more obtainable goal of being a vet then she can act like a dog with her patients.

Well gotta go have to find Gracie her kibble.

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  1. Your house sounds like fun! I found your blog while blog hopping and am now following!! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  2. I'm only a year behind, but I'm hopping for the Alexa hop… I am over here laughing out loud! “Gotta find her her kibble!” LOL! Too cute!!!!

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