A Premature Story

Today I am so excited to have another guest post on my blog. This young woman, I have known for a while, her and her husband got married in our yard. All three girls were in her wedding. In fact Gracie cried because Kaci was marrying her Mark. To say that they are family would totally be an understatement. She is sharing the story of the birth of her third child. Since May is the month for Awareness this story fits right in with it. I hope you enjoy reading her post. Look for more posts from her in the future.

Every day a person comes across those beautiful pink or blue ribbons, be it in a store in the baby shower section, driving down a road seeing them attached to mailboxes and doors, or even at the hospital as a new little angel is being welcomed into the world. Did you know though that a pink AND blue ribbon has a whole separate meaning?

Just as a purple awareness ribbon stands for cancer and epilepsy or a black ribbon for those we lost in war, a pink and blue ribbon has its own special meaning, premature birth awareness.

My story began in April of 2013 when I found out I was pregnant with our third child. We hadn’t planned on a third, but he is what we needed.  More on that later.

premature birth

The pregnancy went by normally. It was a dream come true as I had complications with my first two. I worked as a substitute teacher at the local high school, and I participated in all my kids activities from sports to dance and beyond. We never had a clue that something was going to go wrong.

premature birth

Our Connor Titan was due to greet us on January 17th. Both of my other two kids, Cooper and Christi, came 8 days early. So I planned accordingly. In December though, I became really sick with a flu-like virus. Even though I drank water like crazy, I became dehydrated and started having what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions. I went to sleep one night thinking they would wear off as they usually did.

The next morning I woke to extreme pain, and my husband rushed me to the hospital. I was quickly rushed to the Labor and Delivery Ward. I began to lose a lot of blood and the pain was excruciating.  After only a little while in the hospital (an hour tops), it was time to push. One push. Two pushes. “BREECH!” yells the doctor. Connor was coming out in the frank breech position, butt first and his feet at his head. After two more hard pushes he was out. Connor was born 5 weeks before he was due. The rest of the story was related to me as I was too weak and out of it to realize what was happening.

premature birth

Connor had swallowed his meconium, first stool. He also was not breathing and had blue skin. He had become stuck during the delivery. There was a moment when my husband, Marc, did not think our son was going to come home with us. The doctors and nurses continued to work tirelessly to get Connor back. Then it finally came, his first cry.

Connor was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for some antibiotics, other meds, and oxygen. It wasn’t for another five hours that my husband could see him. In my weakened state, I was not able to see him until nearly dinner time that evening, some ten hours after I gave birth.

premature birth

He was a tiny little thing covered in so many tubes and wires. To hear his cry though was bearing witness to a true miracle. Connor Titan was living up to his name, fighting with the strength of a hundred men.

Connor was born eleven days before Christmas. We were making plans to spend Christmas at the hospital. Connor had other plans. After three days in the NICU and five days in the Special Care Unit, Connor was ready to go home! The day we brought him home was the first day our two oldest children got to meet their little brother. They were not allowed in the NICU or SCU due to health concerns for the babies. But bringing Connor home was the best Christmas present anyone could ask for!

premature birth

Now, Connor is a happy, goofy 17 month old toddler. He is into everything and exploring the world around him. He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, his teddy bear, playing outside, and Captain Crunch cereal. He takes joy in attacking his older siblings but loves cuddling with them when he is tired.

premature birth

To this day, the doctors do not know what caused my body to go into premature labor. Many times this is the case. Through various organizations, research programs, and hospitals, doctors hope to find an answer to and ultimately prevent premature births. Currently research is hinting at a genetic anomaly found within the baby’s genes, not the mom’s. It will take more time and research to discover more.

Until then, I proudly wear my pink and blue ribbon for all the babies born too soon.

Kaci is the proud mom to three beautiful children, 2 boys and a girl. She is an amazing mom and wife. She is one of those friends I call family. Hope you think about her story the next time you see a pink or blue ribbon. 

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  1. What a touching story. I am so very glad everything went alright at the end!

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