Kitten Surprise and A Contest

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you know that we had some excitement this weekend. After weeks of wondering if Markie’s kittens actually survived we got our answer Saturday night. My youngest and I were sitting in the living room and I heard a meow coming from the patio door.

little orange fluff ball
One little Fluff Ball

Thinking it was Markie I looked down and started talking to her but imagine my surprise to find a little orange kitty next to Markie. I immediately told Gracie look a kitty. This one is a little ball of fluff.

kittens 2
And then there were 2!

A little while later Gracie walked outside and saw Markie coming around the side of the house with a kitten in her mouth. And then there were 2. This one was a little grey tabby much like her last litter. Thinking that was all she had imagine our surprise when we looked out again and saw a little calico kitten.

kittens 1
Now there are 3!

Each time we found a kitten I would face time my oldest who lives about 3 hours away to show her. About the third time she was getting aggravated and said you better be calling me because we have a third kitten and I said guess what. Yep . So we went to bed that night dreaming of the three new members of the family.

four little kittens
And then there were 4!!! 3 girls and a boy!

Waking up the next morning, Gracie and I went outside to check on Markie and her babies. Looking around I discovered curled up in a flower-pot another calico kitty. So yep she had 4 sweet babies. Now if you follow me on Facebook you already know this but these kittens need a name so comment on Facebook for a chance to win one of 4 $5 Amazon gift cards if we pick your name. So far we have had some very good suggestions but there is still room for more. So head over and comment.

Markie and her four little ones.
Markie and her four little ones.

Tell me what do you think of our new additions. And don’t forget to head over and comment for a chance to win.

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  1. Please stop contributing to the pet overpopulation and have your cat spayed.

  2. For your information if you read the blog this was stray that was abandoned that we took in. Plans are in the works for spaying her. All of the kittens already have a home. It is only overpopulation if these kittens did not have a home. How rude of you to comment when you don’t know anything about this situtation. My fur babies are my kids just as much as my real girls are. How would you feel if someone said to you get fixed to control the human overpopulation. You wouldn’t like it would you. These kittens are well loved we had to wait for her to have the kittens to get her spayed. So before you judge know the whole situation.

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