Re-do your home on a budget



If you are like me I am always rearranging and redecorating my house. I think I have placed my living room furniture in every possible arrangement there is. One of the things I do to change up the way my decor is to add or take away a few accessories. By simply replacing pillows, adding a throw, or changing out lamps your décor can be easily changed without breaking your budget. Shopping thrift stores and yard sales can get you the items that you need to re-do your home and even have a little bit leftover to get yourself a treat. Changing the color of the items used in your home can also be a cost efficient to give your home that little makeover that you want without breaking the bank. Splashes of color can change a décor dramatically and do not be afraid to look outside the box for those accessories. Take me for instance; I redid my bedroom in a black and white theme. I was able to buy a beautiful black and white comforter set at a discounted price by shopping online. I did not want just black and white in my bedroom and looked for some curtains that I can use to put a pop a color in my room. I was able to get some awesome purple curtains from a friend that saved me some money, but I did not have any valances. I looked for a black and white print to make a valance but there was nothing I like. So I came up with an idea to use pillowcases. I found some zebra print pillowcases, cut along the sides, draped them over the curtain rod and for less than $5.00 I had two valances. I was able to redo my bedroom for less than $50. So you see you can redo your house on a budget, you just have to be creative.




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