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smart Moms Shopping Secret Crazy 8 by North Carolina Mom Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When my girls were little I sometimes I let them dress themselves. I totally never knew what they were going to come out looking like. So I totally let them do that when I knew we weren’t going anywhere. Smart mom move right? But I will tell you that I could have been an even smarter mom if I had known about Crazy 8 back then. 

I mean seriously have you seen how cute their clothes are? And in the style of mismatched socks comes mix and match clothes. Who knew when my girls were growing up and I thought how crazy their looks were that they were actually being trendsetters. 

Crazy 8

Crazy 8 has a new holiday collection of cute clothes that moms of boys and girls alike would be happy to be seen out in public with their kids if they were wearing this collection. 

From winter florals to holiday hi-tops moms can allow their kids to mix and remix their favorite pieces so they stand out in a crowd. 

I asked Gracie what her favorite outfits were and these are Gracie’s picks.

Gracie’s PIcks

This one is called Puff Love. 

This is called do you believe in Magic? 

And lastly, there is 

The Cool cat. 

All of these outfits and much more can be found on the Crazy 8 Website. 



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