Blessed Beyond My Wildest Dreams

I recently celebrated my 7th birthday lol. You know you get to an age where you add the digits in your age together, and that is the age you turn. SO I added four +3 and got seven lol. My birthday celebration started the weekend before my actual birthday. For those that follow me know that last year, I did not have the greatest of birthdays. You can read about it here.  And yes in this post I was feeling a little sorry for myself, but there were other things going on that made me feel that way. SO this year I was determined to make this birthday great just celebrating another year of life. I was reminded just recently of how fragile life is. So as I said it started out the weekend before. Raul decided that he wanted to a cookout for my birthday, so we invited some of our nearest and dearest friends to enjoy the cookout with us. There were two families that could not make it because they were out-of-town but we had a good time anyways. If you are my actual face to face friend, you know that our cookouts are epic. We have everything from chicken, steaks, hot dogs and chorizo ( a Mexican sausage) and more. So with that said let me tell you about this party. We started at 3, and it went on until nine it probably would have lasted longer if Gracie had not gotten a nosebleed. The food was fantastic, my friend Courtney made her jalapenos wrapped in bacon and let me tell you they were to die for.  I only got one before they were all gone. We have some amazing people at the party down to two sets of amazing neighbors. Even Allie’s “grandparents” came lol. Robin (the woman responsible for us getting Allie) made me this beautiful wreath.

Cute right that along with my tractor

I had seen this at our pottery, but it was $40.00. Raul told me to take a picture of it, and he made it for me. My husband is so talented that I can take a picture of something he can make it. I love it.

On my actual birthday which was the following Wednesday started with breakfast in bed served to me by the girls. They had gone out to breakfast with my dad and bought me home pancakes from IHOP.  You remembered I had just recently reviewed them here. Raul took the day off of work to spend with us. ( For those that know my husband know that this is a big step for him.) Then I got a flower delivery.

One of the companies that I work with sent me some flowers to review. Raul took the credit for them lol. After the flower delivery, we went out to eat at Applebee’s I love their orange chicken. We don’t eat there a lot, so this was a real treat.  It was an awesome day for me. But birthday celebrations did not end there we ended the week-long with a celebration with our trip to Gregory Vineyards with our wonderful neighbors Mandy and Eddie. I feel so blessed to have the friends and family that God has to bless me with. I hope that everyone has a chance of wonderful birthday memories like I did this year. Remember that even if this year is not so great next year will be even better. I speak from experience.

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