6 Helpful Gifts for Expecting Parents

6 Helpful Gifts for Expecting Parents from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When a friend or family member tells you they’re expecting a baby, many people are excited to provide gifts that will help parents with their new child. At the same time, it can be difficult to know what to get an expecting parent that will be genuinely helpful. Learn more about beneficial gifts you can get for new parents from Lil Cuddlers baby supplies and other retailers below. 

1. Baby Food Maker

It might be convenient to buy baby food from the store in a jar, but homemade baby food tastes better and is much more affordable. A baby food maker steams fruits and vegetables before pureeing it, making the whole process relatively hands-off and easy for parents. 

2. White Noise Machine

Babies are known for being fussy, especially around bedtime. Fortunately, many parents find success in using a white noise machine to soothe fussy babies back to sleep. Many white noise machines offer tons of different noise options, such as nature sounds or gentle humming. Some parents try playing music or the radio for their babies, but white noise works better for some infants. 

3. Baby Pillow

Clearly, little babies don’t have much use for pillows made for fully grown adults. Instead, babies need pillows specifically designed for their tiny, vulnerable heads. Look for baby pillows that are lightweight, machine washable, and provide enough support for a baby’s head. 

4. Portable Changing Station

One of the hottest items an expecting parent can receive as a gift is a portable changing station. Portable changing stations have the appearance of a regular diaper bag, but one side folds out and pops up into a comfortable changing table or bed. Other pockets can also hold all the necessities like bottles, wipes, or blankets, and it reduces a parent’s need to find a designated changing station. 

5. Crib Sheets

Everyone knows that babies are messy, but most people don’t think about the need to constantly change sheets when a baby makes a mess in their crib and on their mattress. Giving the gift of more crib sheets, especially those in fun patterns, helps a parent reduce the number of times they have to start up the washing machine just to wash their baby’s crib sheets. 

6. Diaper Subscription

Although purchasing a huge pack of diapers can make a person feel that he or she will be set for a while, babies go through diapers much more quickly than one might think. Perhaps one of the most helpful gifts you can give an expectant parent is a diaper subscription that automatically sends them diapers at regular intervals. Diaper subscription services often also provide hefty discounts when you choose their autoship options. 

These are just a few of the many possible gifts for expecting parents you can buy, and they go beyond the usual gift of clothing and onesies that babies grow out of within a week. All of these options are genuinely helpful and unique, and they can help new or seasoned parents alike as they welcome a new child into the world. 

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