Everything You Need for Your Second Baby

Everything You Need for Your Second Baby

Just because you’ve already had a baby doesn’t mean you’ve got everything you need for the second. Some children have significant age gaps—you may no longer have your original baby supplies. Other times, you learn what you really need the second time around. Or if your first baby was a boy, and now you’re expecting a girl, you’ll need some new toys and clothes for your little princess. Start writing out everything you need for your second baby so that you can create the perfect registry.

A Double Stroller

When y’all start making a wish list of everything you need for your second baby, add a double stroller to it. That way, both of your children can sit comfortably as you go on walks or attend family events. When you’re out at the zoo or park, the last thing you’ll want is a new baby and a tired toddler with no place to rest.

Have Some Clothes

When your first baby outgrows old clothes, one great thing to do is store them away for future hand-me-downs. Then, you don’t have to shop around for as many new clothes—some of which your baby may not even get to wear.

Of course, baby number two should have a wardrobe of their own too! Your little one will need a few clothing staples, which include onesies, shirts, leggings, jackets, hats, gloves, and socks. Although it isn’t necessary, getting a cute pair of sandals or great soft bottom baby shoes just completes your baby’s outfit. Y’all may want to get new swaddles if what you had for your first baby was hard to use. Do you want more outfits with lots of buttons or something with velcro? Think about what types of clothing you did and didn’t like for baby number one. The good thing about surpassing the first-time parent stage is that you can now skip buying things you previously regretted. 

The Diaper Essentials

One kid in diapers is stinky enough, but two can be overwhelming. Of course, you’re a seasoned mom, and you got this! Before the next one comes along, stock up on the essentials, such as:

  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • A diaper caddy
  • A diaper pail

You’ll need the perfect places to store diapers, take them on the go, and dispose of dirty ones. Remember, with two kids in diapers, you can never have too many supplies.


One of the final things to buy is new pacifiers. An old pacifier may harbor bacteria, especially considering all the exciting things kids put in their mouths. Getting something new and clean is always best.

Something Personal

Most people don’t have a shower for their second baby, and that’s fine. But number two should still get some special toys, stuffed animals, and books. If you have a name picked out, you could get a personalized book just for the new little one. The birth of every child is unique and brings with it a lifetime of memories.

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