10 Camping Hacks Every Parent Should Know

10 Camping Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Camping trips are an excellent and affordable way to get out of the everyday routine. There is nothing quite like a weekend away in nature to reset your mind, body, and spirit. Camping with kids can be a bit more stressful. 

Don’t let that deter you from gathering friends and family and hitting the open road. A few simple camping hacks can make introducing your little ones to the great outdoors a breeze. Whether you pack up luxury RVs or sleep in a tent, you’ll create lasting memories your children will cherish for years to come. 

  1. Organize Before You Hit the Road 

Make a list of all the essentials. Get all your camping gear organized and ready at least a week before your trip. Take everything out and ensure nothing has gone missing since your last adventure. 

Each trip, you’ll realize you wish you’d had an extra rope or a roll of duct tape. Add it to your list to make your next experience even easier. 

  1. Bring Your Own Shade 

Not all camping sites have enough tree cover to create shade during the hottest hours of the day. If you plan on camping in a tent, extra shade overhead can help keep you cool on warm mornings or if your baby needs a nap in the afternoon. You’ll want to pack a pop-up or shade structure. 

Even those with luxury RVs would benefit from having a pop-up shade structure. Use it to create a fun dining and game area. It will also provide extra cover if it rains. You won’t have to all pile into the RV just to stay dry. 

  1. Remove Obstacles

Do a walk-through of your campsite when you arrive, and remove any rocks or sticks that could create a tripping hazard. Late at night, you’ll be glad the walk is safe when you have to make the trek to the restroom. 

  1. Use Pool Noodles Over Guy Lines 

If you set up a tent or shade structure at your site, the long ropes that hold it up could pose another tripping hazard to you and your children. Soften the risk by cutting open some pool noodles and laying them over the guy lines. 

Bright colors will be easier to see at night, and the soft noddle will prevent anyone from cutting themselves or stubbing a toe.  

  1. Light Your Way 

Campgrounds get dark at night. Enjoy time together after sunset by packing solar-powered lights to hang around your campsite. You can also mark a path to the restrooms with stake lanterns. 

Glow sticks are an affordable and fun way to add a night light to your tent or luxury RVs. This way, if your little ones get up in the middle of the night, it won’t be pitch dark. 

  1. Prep Food Ahead of Time

Cooking while camping can be fun, but save time by prepping everything before you leave home. Pre-cook easy meals and freeze them in ziplock bags. This will help keep food fresh longer, especially on longer camping trips. Some great freezer-friendly camping meals include: 

  • Chili 
  • Pasta Sauce 
  • Sloppy Joes 
  • Green Curry with Instant Rice 
  • Heat and Serve Breakfast Burritos

Save extra squeeze bottle containers and premake pancake mix in them. Add a little food coloring and make colorful pancakes with your kids.   

  1. Use Gallons of Water Instead of Ice Packs 

Rather than pack ice packs in your cooler, freeze gallon containers of water. Fill them ¾ of the way since water expands as it freezes. Not only will this keep your cooler nice and cold, but you’ll have extra drinking water on hand once it melts. 

  1. Make Your Own Fire Starters

Nightly campfires are one of the best parts of a trip to the woods. Be prepared to start a fire quickly by making your firestarters with stuff you usually throw away. Next time you do laundry, save some of the lint from the dryer. Use it to fill an old toilet paper roll. You’ll be cozy by the fireside in no time. 

  1. Shake Up Your Snacks 

Change up the campfire snacks each night to keep your kids entertained. Of course, you’ll have to make smores – but try using a peanut butter cup instead of a Hersey’s bar. Bring some hot dogs and have an easy dinner over the open fire. Skip the microwave and make campfire popcorn.

  1. Bring Games and Entertainment 

Even if you have luxury RVs and all the comfort of home, you’ll still want to pack games to entertain your kids in the case of inclement weather. Bring a few cards or board games. 

For daytime fun, pack a cornhole set or set up a nature scavenger hunt the whole family can enjoy. Use extra glow sticks in water bottles in the evenings and create a glow-in-the-dark bowling extravaganza. 

Make memories with your family in the great outdoors. Luxury RVs are the best hack to enjoy nature with your family all year. Visit the foliage and cozy up at night in your home away from home.

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