5 Tips to Caring for A Service Animal

5 Tips to Caring for A Service Animal from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend. Our dogs help us in many ways that we cannot imagine life without them. They make us laugh with their innocent but mischievous characteristics. Dogs are some of the smartest animals to be around with unparalleled senses. They are also strong and have protective demeanor towards their masters. Studies have shown that being with dogs help people with severe anxiety. Through time, dogs have been proven to be a great companion to children, adults, and even older people. Because of their favorable characteristics and the unique bond that gets formed with humans, it comes as no surprise on why these lovely creatures became qualified as service animals. If you ever need to have this special relationship, here are five tips on how to take care of a service animal.

  1. Sufficient Food and Supplements

Just like humans, dogs need to have a well-balanced and nutritious diet to remain healthy and active. Buy the right type of food depending on the breed and age of the service dog that you have chosen. The food should be sealed and well before the expiration date. Aside from the regular food that your dog eats, make sure that you buy a few treats as snacks or reward when it’s behaving properly. If you are bringing the service dog with you during out of town trips, make sure that you have enough food to bring to avoid purchasing unknown brands. The same applies to prescribed medication and supplements. Label the medicines and store in a safe container.

  1. Grooming

Grooming is crucial for a service dog to maintain its cleanliness and to identify any abnormalities early on. Skin problems involving fleas, ticks, dry patches, infections, and inflammation can detrimentally cause severe conditions, so it’s important to treat them while they are still in their early stages. Dogs that are suffering from these problems tend to be erratic, depressed, and unfocused.

  1. Regular Veterinary Check-up

Dogs are generally healthy especially if they are eating the right type and amount of food, getting enough exercise, and are always happy. However, there are still external factors that might impact the overall health of your service dog. To avoid this, visit a veterinArian regularly for a general and physical check-up.

  1. Regular Exercise

Dogs need to have an active lifestyle whether through regular exercise or just playing around a few times a day. Walking your service dog at least twice a day will improve their well-being as well as strengthen your bond together. The dog will be happy, and it will associate this feeling with you. You can also enroll your service dog in a training class to train them specific actions. It is also an excellent opportunity to interact with other dog trainees.

  1. Comfortable Living Condition

Service dogs should feel comfortable and most importantly, safe in their living condition. Providing a home free from violence is critical to have a healthy and loving service dog. Your dog should have enough space to play and walk around without running into accidents.


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