5 Tips for Effective Coupon Storage

PrintCoupons can be a great way to save on your purchase. You can get coupons in your local papers and also buy coupons online for stores like Macy’s and other e-shopping sites. These coupons are for one time use and if you plan your shopping around them, you can save a lot of unnecessary expenditure. Collecting coupons is easy, but it is difficult to store and use them effectively. Here are five tips that will help you store and use your coupons effectively –

  1. Search For Coupons

You can find coupons on the daily newspaper and coupon inserts. These usually have coupons for the local shops and markets. You can find coupons online, if you visit the website of the stores. You simply have to download and print them out to avail them on your next purchase. Some stores mail you best buy promotional codes on your birthdays and anniversaries, so you can sign up for their newsletter also.

  1. Organize your coupons

You can save a lot of time during your shopping if you have a system for the coupons. Once you start cutting out and collecting coupons, it will take no time for them to multiply. With so many coupons in your hand, you may not be able to keep track on how long they are valid or may be unable to find them when you need them the most. This is when you should start organizing them.

  1. Categorize Them

Once you have collected all your coupons, separate them into different categories depending on the product they are concerned with. This system is better than organizing them according to brands because then you can know which brand is offering the better deal at one glance and go for that. You can also keep them in separate binders depending on where you will avail them – supermarket, drugstore, and clothes shop.

  1. Keep Your Coupon Organizer Updated

Organizing coupons can get a little taxing but it worth it when you can save so much on your shopping budget. To avoid cluttering your coupon organizer, always keep it updated. Regularly throw away coupons that you did not use and has expired. If you cut out all coupons and later sort them out, it helps you throw them away at the beginning when you realize that you will never buy the thing that is on offer.

  1. Carry Only Those Coupons You Need

Do not take all your best buy discount code coupons when you are out shopping. You might end up losing them. Instead carry only those that you will need for the current shopping list.

If you can avail money back offers, be sure to swipe your pay back card every time you purchase something. Also keep in mind to ask the cashier how many points you have collected so that you can use the big discount when you have collected even points. Be a smart buyer and keep a tab on offers to save when you shop.


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  1. We each have different priorities and different ways of shopping. These change with the seasons of life and finances. It’s very possible, though, to eat well, spend, less, and save time.

  2. Don’t want to clip all your coupons every Sunday? Try organizing by date. With this method you don’t clip any of your coupons until you use them. A Krazy Coupon Lady will throw away at least three-fourths of her coupons, so this method saves you from clipping unnecessarily.

  3. The final step is to go through each insert to clip coupons, and this is why I said this method won’t work for those using lots of inserts. But if you have read the “Beginners” section of KCL’s website , you know that a Krazy Coupon Lady might throw away at least three quarters of her coupons! Make your coupons count, maximize their benefits by improving your organization system, and enjoy the result: Savings in money and time!

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