5 Money Saving Tips When Shopping for Clothes

5 Money Saving Tips When Shopping for Clothes from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When shopping for clothes, getting a decent bargain is as good as saving money. In most cases, people purchase clothes they never wear or others that are too expensive to maintain. The first step should be planning your wardrobe and considering the cost of maintaining each one. When you correctly understand how to spend less on clothing, your total household spending reduces. Shopping for clothes can be an addiction, especially for women. As a result, you end up spending money you do not have at your disposal. If you know you have a weakness in buying clothes every time you get the chance, it is advisable to avoid areas that expose you to clothes on sale. To live a comfortable and happy life, you must live by your means. Buying clothes is vital, but ensure you do so after you have fulfilled your other priorities. When you decide to go shopping for clothes, here are some tips you need to follow to ensure you save cash.

1. Consider the Cost of Ownership

When you go shopping, you might find that you are lucky enough to get gingham and heels maxi dresses that are an absolute bargain. The problem comes in when you take it to the laundry and spend much more than you spend purchasing the dress. Additionally, some clothes need to be dried flat. When washing the delicate fabric, you end up spending so much time as well. You end up wasting valuable time that could be spent doing something else. Before purchasing any cloth, read the tag and understand the washing instructions well. It is better to get a more costly outfit that only requires you to wash and hang to dry. Purchase clothes that do not require you to dry clean, or iron.

2. Shop Out of Season

The law of supply and demand affects prices that also apply to clothes prices. When you want to buy clothes and save money simultaneously, make purchases when they are out of season because the demand is low. During the summer period, people prefer to dress in light, simple t-shirts and shorts. You could discover that the prices of these clothes during summer are high. Become a smart shopper and shop for summer clothes during the winter season. During the winter season, the demand for warm clothes is high. Plan for the next summer by buying clothes when they are out of season. Additionally, purchase your winter clothes during summer. Once you use that concept, you will spend less on great clothes.

3. Come up with a Plan Before Making Purchases

When going to the store or shopping online, you must have a plan and a budget. People make the mistake that they visit a clothing store without a plan and end up spending all their money on clothes that aren’t very good to begin with. Therefore the first thing you need to do is research the outlets you plan to visit, using articles such as https://stylefortheseasons.com/is-asos-a-good-brand/ to help inform your decision.
The next thing you need to do is come up with a budget. If you plan to go to a store and spend $100, that is the amount you should carry when you leave the house. Carrying your credit cards and extra cash is exposing yourself to overspending temptations.

Purchase clothes that match your other outfits. When you buy something different from what is in your closet, you buy more clothes because you want something that matches what you bought. Understand all your clothes and get what you need to make a complete outfit that looks good on you.

When shopping for clothes, buy what you need. People go to the store and buy nice clothes but never wear them. Therefore, understand what you need and be specific when you are searching. There is no need to buy clothes that you never wear. Having a closet full of clothes does not help you because, in the long run, you may have to give them out to friends, family, or charity donations. When you go shopping, ensure you get the best value for your time and money.

4. Spend Time and Money on Maintenance

Spend your money carefully to maintain your purchases. If you buy good leather shoes that are comfortable, it is your responsibility to ensure that you always keep the shoe polished and re-heeled. A shoe that is well-made and maintained can serve you for many years. Investing in something good may be costly, but you are assured of using it for a while, and eventually, you may end up selling it to someone else at a good sum and recover some of what you spent buying it. If you purchase a shirt and you misplace a button, you must find a way of fixing it. Failure to repair clothes you bought makes you put them under the closet as damaged goods. People must understand that good clothes can serve you for many years, only if you spend time and money on maintenance. If you are the kind of person that goes back to the store to buy new shoes because the pair you had doesn’t have shoelaces, you may not end up saving a single dollar. Treat your clothes just like any other investment by maintaining them properly. You may discover that you do not need to return to the store to get new clothes because the ones you have to serve you well.

5. Avoid Purchasing for your Fantasy Life

People buy things like small jeans to motivate them to take losing weight seriously. If you have a busy schedule and do not have enough time to hit the gym or work out, you may never wear those jeans. As a result, you have wasted cash that could be used to get something else. Other people buy suits that will be worn when they get a white-collar job. What if you never get that job that you have always dreamt of?

Inventing situations and circumstances to wear the clothes you dream of buying is thoughtful but damaging because you spend more than you need.

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