How to Style Your Winter Look

How to Style Your Winter Look

Just like that – winter is almost upon us once again. Where in the world did the year go? With the cold winter months coming up, now is the time to start preparing your winter wardrobe. Out with the thin, breathable clothes of the summer and in with knit sweaters, thick pants, and camel-colored trench coats. If you need a little bit of guidance when it comes to crafting together the perfect winter look, then you’re in luck because we are here today to help you do just that. We’ll tell you all about what makes a winter outfit look cohesive and fashionable, as well as provide you with some ideas for staple clothing pieces to have in your winter wardrobe, such as the classic long sleeve henley. You’ll be able to use this winter style guide no matter what your clothing style is, whether masculine or feminine or anything in between. To learn how to rock the runway this winter, keep on reading.

Layers, Layers, Layers

The key to looking great this winter season is to get ready to wear a whole lot of layers. Layering, at least to the extent you can in the winter, is unique to the colder months, so take advantage of every winter outfit by wearing up to three layers. For the base layer, wear a thin, basic shirt, such as a black t-shirt or a white long sleeve henley. Make sure that your base piece is made of moisture-wicking fabric so that you don’t sweat. For the second layer, you can put on a warmer piece, such as a knit sweater or cardigan. To top off your look, add a final coat or parka over your two foundational pieces. By layering, you can add multiple different elements to your outfit, all while looking put-together. Layers will be your best friend this winter. 

Fitted and Loose 

Another tip to help you craft the best winter look possible is to incorporate both fitted and loose pieces into your outfit. Wearing both fitted and loose items will help balance out the weight in your outfit. For example, pair skinny jeans with a thick, oversized sweater on top instead of a fitted t-shirt. Similarly, if you’re going for wide-legged loose pants, opt for a tighter sweater or long sleeve henley. By wearing an oversized top with your loose bottoms, your entire body shape will be completely engulfed in your outfit, and that’s not what an outfit should do. Your clothes should frame your body well and keep you warm, and the best way to accomplish both of these things is to incorporate both loose and tight pieces into your winter outfits.

Add Texture 

One of the best benefits about winter clothing is that there is so much variety when it comes to texture, so take full advantage of this by always adding an element of texture into your outfits. Instead of wearing sweatpants or some other kind of bottoms with no texture, why not try out a pair of corduroy pants? You can also add texture to the top part of your outfit with the different types of sweaters and cardigans. You can’t go wrong with the classic cable knit sweater; it will always be in style as long as winters exist. If you’re into fur, you could also show off a fur jacket to add a unique element of texture to your outfit. Stick to one or two kinds of textures at the most in any one outfit, or else it can quickly look chaotic. If you have a textured sweater and pants, finish off your look with a long sleeve henley as your base layer for a solid piece that ties it all together. 

Long Coats 

The final tip we have for you today on styling your winter outfits is to wear long coats. There are multiple different kinds of long coats out there, but our personal recommendation is the trench coat. A solid-colored trench coat is the perfect addition to any outfit. The long cut of these coats can help the bottom and top portions of your outfit seamlessly combine. When you try on a long coat, you’ll see just how cohesive it can make your outfit feel. They’re also really helpful for the colder weather. Wearing long coats is honestly a win-win. 


In summary, here are the main tips we provided today on styling your clothes during the winter: 

  • Layers, layers, layers
  • Fitted and loose 
  • Add texture 
  • Long coats 

By following this simple winter style guide, you’ll be amazed at how fashionable you can look. The best part about this guide is that you can accomplish these stylish looks with the pieces you already have in your closet. No need to buy an entirely new wardrobe this winter when you already have a long sleeve henley, fitted jeans, and a cable knit sweater. We can’t wait to see how you style your looks this winter.

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