5 Gifts You Should Add to Your Child’s Birthday Wish List

5 Gifts You Should Add to Your Child's Birthday Wish List from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Birthday wish lists have become much more common than they were a few years ago. There are a couple of good reasons behind that, like the option to let your loved ones know what you need, what would benefit you the most, and what can be handy specifically for you. We are well aware of the difficulties we face while buying a gift for a loved one. Typically, we have to put a lot of thought into buying a gift. Sometimes, the cherry on top of the frustration can be that the person gifted will never use the gift that you spent so much time and effort looking for. For kids, a birthday wish list can be the silver lining that a parent has always needed, especially if your child normally ends up getting a ton of gifts that they don’t end up using. Depending on the age, children may move on quicker from a toy than a parent or family member really expected. The use of a birthday wish list can help your children get what they actually want on their birthdays as well as spare your relatives the headache of guessing the best gift for your child.

Wish lists have come a long way, given that there are many handy websites these days like MyRegistry that allow you to create a wish list online with the exact products that you might want. On MyRegistry, you are able to add gifts from any store in the world. It is simple and easy to use! Once you have created a wish list, you can share it with your relatives near the time of your child’s birthday or any other occasion. As a parent, you can ask your children what they are interested in to make it fun for them and easy for you to create the wish list.

If you are unsure what to put on the wish list, here are our top 5 picks for gifts that you can add to your child’s birthday list.

  1. Kindle Reading Tablet

Kids are always fascinated by smartphones and tablets, but handing a child with a smartphone at a young age can be harmful. A good alternative is a Kindle reading tablet. Children will enjoy reading storybooks of fantasy and action genres. Some books also do an amazing job at teaching kids different human values and ethics. In general, reading is a great skill that can change the life experience of a person; hence a Kindle reading tablet is a fantastic gift for kids that are nearing their teenage years.

  1. Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

This falls more in the entertainment and toy category, bringing the on-screen Mario kart game to life for kids. They get to build and arrange the whole course which helps them take part in brain engaging, exciting and fun projects. It does take up space, so the living room or the playroom is an ideal space to assemble these building kits from Nintendo. Kids who own a Nintendo Switch will highly appreciate the Mario Kart live circuit, bringing the whole thing into a real word activity is fascinating to kids as it is to adults.

  1. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is very popular among kids, teenagers, young adults, and even late adults. A Nintendo Switch is a mobile console. Other console examples are the PlayStation or Xbox which a much larger than the Switch which is a smaller mobile version of that console. The obvious downside if this gift is the addiction many kids usually develop with these entertainment-focused devices. However, with the right guidance, parental monitoring, and discipline, a Nintendo switch makes for a fantastic gift for kids.

  1. Personal Computer

A PC is the single most powerful device anyone can own in 2021. Having a computer in your vicinity as a kid can be very helpful for multiple reasons. Studies have shown that kids who grow up playing video games show higher cognitive functions due to the various puzzles and technical aspects present in all video games. Aside from it being used for gaming or entertainment purposes, a PC can help children in an educational sense. In the end, it comes down to the parenting and disciplinary tactics that parents have to use to allow their kids to grow to their full potential.

  1. Barbie Afternoon Tea Stand Set

This is much more suitable for young girls contrasting with Mario Karts, which are more liked by young boys. However, the interests do overlap from time to time. This is a set of adorable Barbie dolls that come with different toy cups and kettles that your kids can use to have a tea party. It teaches young children to host events, invite guests, serve them and treat them with respect. It is a toy set that is great for helping children to use their social skills as well as their imagination. These sets can also be used for decorative purposes when not in use by your kids.

Final Note

From the mentioned gift ideas above, any of them would make for great gifts for kids. However, in order to get an excellent gift for your kids, you have to know where their interests lie. If your children are artistic, a set of drawing kits and coloring kits can do wonders for them. Likewise, if your children are fascinated by pretty dresses and cute pieces of jewelry, opting for that might be the ideal option. 

Using an online registry like MyRegistry to choose specific items based on your children’s liking and having the opportunity to let your family members and friends know what gifts are truly beneficial is a kind of convenience that speaks for itself. Do note that like other registries, MyRegistry allows you to see in real-time which gifts were bought so your relatives don’t end up buying the same gift twice.

Check out MyRegistry and create the perfect birthday wish list for your child today!

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