3 Tips for Keeping Your Home Comfortable In the Summer

3 Tips for Keeping Your Home Comfortable In the Summer

It’s hard to beat summer. Long, sunny days, delicious cookouts, and plenty of fun family time make it a favorite time of year. Unfortunately, all that summer fun comes with some unavoidable heat waves. If y’all are anything like me, an unbearably warm day makes you just want to blast the air conditioning and do nothing. You can’t spend a whole season like that, though, no matter how tempting it sounds. That’s why it’s important to prepare your home for the summer heat. A few key practices will help you stay comfortable no matter how high those seasonal temperatures get. Beat the worst of the heat with these tips for keeping your home comfortable in the summer.

Block the Heat and Light

No one wants to miss out on that magnificent summer sunshine, but letting the light glare into a room can cause your home to feel like a greenhouse. I like to close my blinds and curtains during the warmest hours of the day. This stops some of the heat from seeping into the home. If y’all are looking for an excuse to up your landscaping game, this is the perfect chance to plant some trees, shrubs, or large potted plants to provide even more shade to your windows. Just remember to open your curtains and windows again in the evening. The night air will naturally cool down your home, allowing you to enjoy that beautiful breeze.

Check Your Insulation

We think of insulation keeping us warm in the winter, but it can also help our homes stay cool in the summer. In fact, an overheated house is one of the common signs that your home is under-insulated. If your home is letting that nice cold air escape, your air conditioning system might not be able to keep up with the constant influx of heat from outside. Poor insulation can lead to lots of problems. In addition to an uncomfortable living space, you’ll also deal with higher utility bills, humidity troubles, and other headaches. If the heat is getting to you, check out your home’s insulation and see if it’s time for an upgrade.

Take Care With Appliances

Y’all already know not to do too much baking during those sweltering summer days, but the oven isn’t the only appliance you should steer clear of when it’s hot out. One of the best tips for keeping your home comfortable in the summer is to switch up your chore routine. Run the dishwasher overnight to avoid overheating the kitchen. Try to do laundry in the early morning or the evening so that you don’t have to work in a stuffy laundry room during the hottest hours of the day. Finally, skip the oven and stove and opt for a cookout instead. Grilling in the late afternoon is a great way to experience the most pleasant temperatures and delicious foods at the same time.

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