5 Fun Activities the Family Will Enjoy

5 Fun Activities the Family Will Enjoy

Getting your family together and connecting can be difficult, especially if you have varying age groups among your children. What your child who is 8 years old finds fun could potentially garner eye rolls from your teenager.  We would like to bet that despite the huffs and puffs that come with folded arms and eye rolls, they will find themselves enjoying our suggestions for fun just as much as everyone else.  To avoid future days of boredom or last-minute searching for activities that involve everyone in your family, we have put together a list that will keep you all engaged and enjoy each other’s company in no time.

5 Fun Family Activities

•Backyard Bash

Sometimes we think of outside play or activity as being a seasonal thing.  Too often we spend time getting our backyard ready for spring, then enjoying it only in the summer and then shutting down for fall and winter.  But we think that fun should be a year-round thing when it comes to our own home base.  If you do not already have one, consider purchasing or buying a fire pit to designate as a gathering spot in your backyard for friends and family.  Make a calendar of once a week meet ups with different themes that can range from building s’more buffets to reading a ghost story. Or do not make any plans other than to meet there after the Friday night football game.  Tell everyone it’s a BYOC party – bring your own chair – and you’ll provide the warmth and good company.

•Plan a Prank

This idea had us giggling at the very idea of it.  Kids love to play tricks on each other, or prank their parents in a silly way, so you could make a list of fun and harmless things to do for April Fool’s Day.  Some of the ideas we came across were to put gummy worms in someone’s cereal before they come to the table – or better yet, fishing worms that look even more realistic, placing bubble wrap under a throw rug to really shock someone when they take a step, put a toy dinosaur in the mailbox that shocks them when you ask them to get the mail or make up one of the endless food trick ideas we found with a quick internet search.  Meatloaf “cake” anyone?

•Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

If you had friends coming in from out of town, or someone asked you for suggestions of what to do while visiting, what would you tell them?  Well, why not do that for your own family!  This can be fun to do at the beginning of each season, where you look at a calendar of upcoming events and make a list of what you will do then, perhaps just choosing one event every so often.  Or you could designate every other Saturday as Tourist Day and make plans the week before.  Do not be limited by events that cost money, and be sure to include the free things that sometimes get overlooked.  Are you afraid to commit to a set plan?  Put the suggestions on popsicle sticks and pull one from a jar for a little bit of mystery around what you’ll be doing that day.

•Make a Time Capsule

Recently a friend did a renovation and found a letter from 12 years ago from the previous resident’s then teenage daughter.  You could do this with your family and either choose a hiding spot in the house or keep a copy that you all designate a time and place to open in the future.  Have each family member print out an About Me sheet that includes name, age, height, and favorites.  Have each one answer the question of what they want to be doing in a year, or the year that you’ve decided to open the time capsule.  Include a family photo and make sure that each sheet is handwritten in the responses so that you can see how they spell and progress in their grammar and language.

•Secret Santa

We know that a lot of people do a secret Santa during the holidays.  But we think that this idea could transfer to any month of the year.  Do you feel like you are drifting apart but do not know how to get each other to reconnect?  Designate a month of the year to be Secret Spies to each other, and each family member has to do one little homemade surprise for their secret person, with identities being revealed at a dinner and movie night at home at the end of the month.

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