5 Financial Tips to See You to the End of January

After a fantastic holiday season, January can be a letdown for many, especially when the end of 2020 didn’t signal the death of the global health crisis. With some easy planning, you’ll soon feel like you’re back in charge. Today, we take a look at some easy ways you can take back the financial reigns for 2021 and start the year positively.

  1. Be proactive

Hopefully, you were already on top of the basics, such as credit card bills and rent payments. – If not, there’s still plenty you can do to fix it. Get in touch with anyone you owe money to, and proactively make a plan. Financial institutions and landlords prefer people who actively come to them to find a solution.

If times are so tough you’re searching for ‘payday loans near me’, a smart and well-used loan could be right for your situation. It’s important to stay responsible if you opt for a loan. Put it towards urgent bills, keep the loaned amount to a minimum you can feasibly pay off, make sure to use a reputable service provider, and make sure you understand the interest rates, terms and conditions.

  1. Shop carefully 

You can make a tight budget stretch by shopping wisely. This includes ignoring the sales. It’s only a deal if you actually needed to buy the item in the first place. Otherwise, it’s just wasted money. If you’ve been waiting for a specific appliance to go on sale, go for it. Online shopping isn’t just COVID-19 safe, but also allows you to curb impulse spending. See if you can split bulk purchases with family members to take advantage of bulk discounts. Use an app at a price shop. Plan your meals in advance, and don’t be afraid to batch make and freeze. 

  1. Think free and fun

It’s hard to find socially distant fun. The good news is, most of it is free. From meetups with loved ones at the park or a family camping trip to chilling on the couch with Netflix, free fun is everywhere. There’s no need to be a social recluse just because your budget is tight!

  1. Put down the credit card

Now is not the time to rack up credit. We mentioned above that you might consider a short-term loan to pay emergency bills that didn’t get covered. That’s the only smart use of credit right now. It’s easy to talk yourself into needing things you don’t when you spend on a credit card, so put the temptation away for now.

  1. Don’t buy lunch

Brown-bagging it for a while won’t hurt, and it will cut down daily costs. Brew your coffee at home, and pack something delicious to eat at lunch. It may even become permanent, as many people have saved for holiday and investment goals by packing their own lunch. Plus, it can help you lose weight.
There’s no need to suffer financially this January. With some tweaks to how you spend and how you think about money, the remainder of the month will be easy. Remember, staying hopeful and focused on the future is half the battle.

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