Camping Trips Can Make Fun Vacations

Camping Trips Can Make Fun Vacations from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Taking a vacation during a global pandemic, might not be an option. I mean honestly who really wants to put their lives at risk between flying in an airplane, sleeping in a hotel room if you aren’t visiting family, and eating out at restaurants. I mean even if you take a short family vacation might not be worth it. So instead of flying to resorts or to visit family consider going camping instead. It can be a great way to spend your vacation, and you don’t have to stray far from your house.  particularly if you already have the equipment you need.

The Equipment 

If you’re a seasoned camper, this will be no problem. Just check your gear to make sure nothing has been damaged from your last camping trip. If you’re new to camping, you have some decisions to make. Do you want to camp in a tent, in a camper, or do you want to rent a cabin at a campsite. 

If you don’t have gear, ask your friends if they have any gear you can borrow. That way you aren’t investing a whole lot of money to suddenly find out camping isn’t for you. Once you borrowed the gear,  put it up in the backyard so you’re familiar with the setup and that everything is in good working order. Sleeping bags are a good idea to make sure you’re comfortable. Depending on the climate, you can take some old blankets and comforters to snuggle up under instead of investing in sleeping bags. 

Head to your local store and pick up a gas stove. Side note here sometimes they don’t come with gas tanks so you might want to pick one up from Northern Mat. Also, pack a few essentials like a pot and pan. Dig through your cabinet for plastic plates and bowls, or stick to disposables for this first trip. 

The Campsites 

There are plenty of inexpensive campsites all across the country. Ask around, check with your local camping friends, or stick with one of the bigger campgrounds. State and National parks are also great sources for camping. 

Reserve your spot ahead of time if possible. Many campsites fill up very quickly in the busy summer months. Do your research and find a site you’ll be happy with. Head out and take a look ahead of booking if you can. No matter where you camp, it will be a lot less expensive than staying at a hotel. 

Food and Entertainment 

And you might want to go ahead and buy some basic food supplies as well for the trip. There is nothing worse than getting to where you are going and finding out there is no grocery store for 50 miles or more.  Also bring what you can from home, shopping at your favorite frugal stores. Dry goods are easy to store in the car, and you can always pack a cooler for everything else. Keep it simple. Soup and sandwiches are always a big hit, as is roasting hot dogs over a campfire. Pack a bunch of hot dogs and a big bag of marshmallows and much of your evening entertainment is taken care of. I highly suggest quick and easy meals like Mac and Cheese that will not only save you time but also money. 

Sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories is always a big hit. And during the day when you aren’t hiking, fishing, watching wildlife, you can always fly your dji drone mavic air 2

Give camping a try. It may just become your favorite new way to spend a family vacation and create new memories. 

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