5 Family Fun Things To Do On Memorial Day Weekend

Spending time with your family on memorial day weekend is a fun and joyous experience. One thing families enjoy is swimming pools. To buy one, visit the site.

America has ten important holidays that are celebrated nationally. Memorial Day is somewhere on top of the list.

Memorial Day comes on the last Monday of May. It is a day observed to honor women and men who have lost their lives while in active duty.

Memorial Day was previously known as Decoration Day. In 1971, it became an official federal holiday.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, people visit memorials and cemeteries, and the national flag is flown at half-staff from dawn to noon.

Here are some fun things to do with your family on this important holiday.

1. Spend Memorial Day Weekend Showing Appreciation

Serving the less fortunate in your community is one way to give back. It’s also a great way to get your children and other people around you involved in activities larger than themselves.

Look around your community for soup kitchens, or better still, veteran-centered activities that you can give your time to.

Something else you can do is visit a local veteran’s cemetery to pay your respects and explain to your children about the sacrifices made by veterans.

Visiting a local veteran’s hospital is also an admirable way to spend Memorial Day. Take along some healthy snacks and smoothies and spend a few hours with injured veterans and let them know that they are appreciated.

When you get there, be sensitive and mindful of the veteran’s mood and disposition. If you get the feeling that they would like to rest, be respectful of this and tactfully take your leave.

If they are happy to chat along and reminisce, be attentive and convey your interest and concern.

2. Take a Dip

To couple fun with a full body workout, how about taking a deep at the pool? This is something you can do with the entire family, which makes it all the more fun and convenient.

With a gorgeous pool in your backyard, you can create a swim party with swimming competitions and pool games for all your family and friends.

This is quick fun, whose only preparation is slapping on some sunscreen and diving in.

Do you need a pool? Premier Pool and Spas have great insights on pool building on their website. Visit the site for more information.

The beauty of building a pool is that you get to enjoy it for years and years to come, and it increases the value of your property as well.

Do not be carried away by the fun fare, however. Ensure to have an adult assigned to watch the kids in and around the pool.

Also, have some snacks for people to munch on as the day progresses.

3. Picnic

A picnic brings together nature and a great food spread of your choice.

Again, you can do this with your entire family including an infant if you have one.
The preparation bit is yet another task you can do as a family for pre-Memorial day family fun.

You can have the kids help with making their own sandwiches with their favorite fillings for example. It is also fun to decorate cupcakes for the picnic with the family.

You can find lots of simple recipes for great picnic meals to make. Because you will be in the great outdoors, finger foods are the best to take. These range from sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, fish fingers, cookies and the like.

You can also make some fresh, healthy smoothies to take on your picnic. However, before you leave the house, here are a few things to keep in mind.

• Remember to bring sunscreen
• Carry bug spray
• Bring along a first aid kit
• Carry a trash bag to pack your trash for disposal

A picnic does not have to be at a park, if your family loves the beach, you can pick this as your location. Just ensure that the place you select will not be overly congested as this can ruin the experience.

Either way, take the same precautions you take in congested public places. Some of these include:

• Have an eye on your little ones at all times
• Ensure they are accompanied to the washrooms
• Be aware of your surrounding at all times

4. Visit a National Site or Historical Park

If your family enjoys a good old road trip, how about gassing up and driving off to a national park or historical site?

You can enjoy the open road and the scenery on your way and see the changing terrain as you drive along. Once you get there, enjoy flora and fauna and learn as much as you can.

Before you get on the road, find out about any gate fees and age restrictions as well, to enable you to make the proper arrangements.

This is something you can do in a day, or make a weekend out of by finding excellent accommodations near the site you will be going to visit.

If you make it an all-weekend affair, ensure to make accommodation plans well in advance. You never know, other people might have the same idea you do, and you might miss out on a place to stay.

For an extra adventurous weekend, you can also look into camping sites as opposed to typical hotel accommodation.

5. Have a Cook Out

If you just want to stay home, you can invite a bunch of your friends for a cookout. This can include a barbeque outside where everyone brings a ready meal to the party.

You can spread out around your home as you eat and chat and watch Memorial Day Weekend 2019 celebrations on TV as well.

Plan to have indoor games and a kiddie’s play station to keep the kids occupied as the grownups bond and discuss the day’s significance.

When Is Memorial Day 2019?

This year, Memorial Day weekend will fall on the 27th May 2019.

This gives you and your family ample time to plan a day that best honors and commemorates the great sacrifices made by men and women in uniform. Would you like to make more personalized gifts for our veterans? Check out this blog for a guide on how to make uplifting gift baskets.

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