5 Fun Family Activities To Do This Weekend

5 Fun Family Activities To Do This Weekend from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Spending time with family is the best thing to do. It tightens the bond and brings so much fun. There are many activities to do with the family on weekends that may not be costly. You can also get discounts from fun places you wish to visit or at the stores.

This article discusses activities to do this weekend with your family that will bring so much fun.

1. Picnic

Plan a camping weekend or a picnic in a nearby forest or fields. You can choose to pack snacks from home or buy some from the stores. Picnics and camps are fun for you can take some games with you such as balls, cards, puzzles, and storybooks. It is usually a good outdoor activity especially for those that spend all week in an office glued to their computers.

2. Clean up together

No matter how many times your home is cleaned, there will always have some place that needs cleaning. You can choose to give the domestic staff a day off and do some cleaning with your family. It is so much fun washing cars together and the corridors especially on a hot day. You can add water games such as water balloons, sprinklers and squirt guns to make it more fun. Another way to have fun when cleaning is inviting your neighbours to clean up the streets around your home area. You bond and families get to know each other better.

3. Make meals together

Cooking is fun when done together. You can choose to try homemade pizza and ice creams, barbecues, bake cookies and cakes or just cook a complete meal using recipe books. It is also a good opportunity to teach kids how to cook and operate the cookers. Just let them explore and make their favourite meals then clean the mess together.

4. Swimming

If the day is quite hot, you can go for swimming. It is a good and fun exercise for the whole family and even those members that fear drowning can feel confident with their loved ones around. It is an opportunity to teach those who can’t swim especially kids. There is so much fun in swimming together since you can race from one end to the other or just splash water at each other.

5. Plant trees or flowers

Take a drive to the nursery to choose the types of trees or flowers to plant. You can opt to cultivate a vegetable garden or a flower bed within your compound or go plant trees in a nearby forest. The process of hoeing, planting and watering the plants is so much fun when your family does it together.

Having a family to spend the weekends with is a privilege and you should make good use of that moment. Spend time with your kids, parents, uncles, and aunts and share the joy as you learn from each other. Plan in advance and acquire the necessary items you need for the weekend. You can set aside some amount of money to spend with your family and be assured of a good and fun filled weekend.

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