The 6 Safest Cities to Raise a Family in America

Every parent wants to raise a family in a safe area with a low crime rate. These are the top cities that are perfect for families, with some of the best schools.

The 6 Safest Cities to Raise a Family in America from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Are you wondering where the best place to raise a family in America is?

Are you a parent or future parent wondering what city to call home? It’s vital that your child’s formative years get spent in a loving environment.

So, concerning crucial factors like safety, schools, fun, and charming neighborhoods, what places offer the best quality of life?

We’re here to guide you through a few options. Some of them may surprise you. For example — Chicago’s murder rate was less than half of St. Louis’s!

But some of them may not surprise you — like cities in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont. Overall, though, the good news is that crime rates have taken a sharp fall. Both violent crime and property crime are lower than ever.

However, preparation is one way to prevent a tragic occurrence from happening. Let’s check out some places known for keeping their residents happy and secure.

Raise a Family Here

Independent review site SafeWise released research this year that revealed some of the best places to raise a child in the U.S.

Taking data from Pew Research Center, the FBI, Walk Score, U.S. Department of Transportation, and more, they narrowed down the options. The ones that made their extensive list were safe, walkable (as in errands can quickly get done by foot), had excellent school quality, and more.

And here’s something that stood out — the top 50 cities came from just ten states. Two of those states are New Jersey, with ten cities, and New Hampshire, with six.

We’ll spread out their winners, plus some others, so you’ve got a range of options!

1. Bountiful, Utah

With a name like Bountiful, how can you go wrong?

Utah is one of the only western states to make it on the list. This city is safe, with kids and adults walking the streets and parks at all times of the day. Grab the best hydration packs you own and take a stroll as you shop, enjoy the scenery, or hit up a local market.

With towering mountains in the distance, rocky landscape throughout and a cozy valley town, you’ll fall in love with Bountiful’s views.

Safety rating: Bountiful’s crime rate is 44% lower than the Utah average and 38% lower than the national average.

2. Monroe, Wisconsin

This state has an overall high safety rating in general. You and your family would be well-off choosing from many of Wisconsin’s offerings. 

Monroe is no exception. Known for being a communal, homey town, new residents are sure to fit in and make friends right away. Historic architecture and fields of green surround residents in this quaint city.

Safety rating: It’s safer than 46% of other U.S. cities.

Your chances of being a victim in Monroe? 1 in 663.

3. Milford, New Hampshire

Do you want your child to have a focused, one-on-one school experience? Do you want their classrooms to be small and personal rather than large and unruly?

In the waterside town of Milford, the 13:1 teacher-student ratio should ease your anxieties (that’s compared to a 17:1 national average). 

Safety rating: Milford’s crime rating is lower than in many cities in the U.S.

With zero reported murders or robberies, and a 217-person difference in assault cases compared with the national average, their score rates a solid B on the safety scale.

4. Lake in the Hills, Illinois

A name like Lake in the Hills is calling for a family adventure. Imagine a beautiful country home next to a pristine lake in safe, secure Illinois.

Coming in as #1 for NeighborhoodScout’s top 100 safest list, Lake in the Hills is a great option for families. You’ll definitely need a snow jacket, though.

Safety rating: According to crime data, Lake in the Hills is safer than 95% of other U.S. cities. Your chances of being a victim here are 1 in 1,157! Their rates of rapes, assaults, robberies, and murders all sit below 1%.

5. Marshall, Minnesota

Making #28 on the top 100 Best Small Towns in 2015 is Marshall, MN.

Known for a variety of good, private schools, shopping hubbubs, and exceptional healthcare. They’re home to Southwest Minnesota State University, so you’ll get a college feel in a small town. 

They also have affordable housing, making it a great place for starter homes and beginning families. Cozy up in a home surrounded by trees and watch as the seasons change.

Safety rating: Marshall’s crime rating is a solid B+. Marshall’s crime rate is 12% than Minnesota’s overall average and 22% lower than the national average.

6. Greenwich, Connecticut 

This city has topped multiple Safest Cities lists and for good reason. This charming New England town is school-focused (as evidenced by the residents’ $500,000 education donation), safe for families, and obviously community-oriented.

Not only do you have tons of options for good schools, but you’ll feel content knowing your child is getting there safely. Greenwich’s crime ratings are some of the lowest we’ve seen.

Plus, their landscape is breathtaking. Beautiful mansions abound, surrounded by plains of bright green, an abundance of tree life, and, of course, the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll love their rivers, waterfalls, and healthy terrain.

Safety rating: Your chances of becoming the victim of violent crime in Greenwich are 1 in 2,993. Compared with some of the other cities on our list, these odds are some of the more promising.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

If you’re already researching the best places to raise your kids, you’re already on your way to being a great parent. The greatest thing you can do is love your kids and try your hardest. Staying cautious, smart, and aware is a crucial preventative measure to take.

And it doesn’t hurt if you’ve got some great scenery or safety records to boot. For more information like how to raise a family, check out the Faith and Family section of our blog! We talk about things like safety tips for kids, handling temper tantrums, car seats, and more.

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