Are the Results of LASIK Eye Surgery Permanent?

lasik eye surgery

If you have put up with the restriction of using glasses or contact lenses all your life, you may well be considering the potential benefits of LASIK surgery. This type of surgery can revolutionize your life if you ensure that it’s carried out by an experienced professional. If you are unsure, you should find a San Diego LASIK specialist who will provide you with a free consultation. That way, you can make sure that the procedure is for you before you spend any money.

In this article, we aim to show you how lasik eye surgery can help. We are also going to look at whether this is a permanent solution when it comes to correcting your eyesight, as well as considering the affordability aspect of the treatment.

Why is LASIK eye surgery a good idea?

Once you have LASIK eye surgery carried out, you do not have to bother about wearing glasses or contact lenses anymore. You can see clearly without needing to use any aids. This is a major advantage when it comes to saving money over the rest of your lifetime, and it’s also far more convenient to just be able to see when you open your eyes.

How long does the surgery take and does it last forever?

One of the best things about LASIK eye surgery is that it’s quick. It takes just a few minutes to complete the procedure. It does take some time for your eyes to recover from the procedure, but within a couple of days, you should be able to see completely clearly.

There is often a misconception that the surgery does not last forever. Technically, the shape of your eye can change following the reshaping of the cornea, which takes place during the surgery. The eye is a living organ, and all your organs can change shape over your lifetime. The fact is that these changes are minuscule and do not affect the outcome of the surgery. Once you undergo LASIK surgery, your eyesight is improved for life.

Can you afford to have the surgery carried out?

Affordability is one thing that you need to think very carefully about before you go ahead with the procedure. You may be tempted by what seems to be a great deal, but this could be a mistake. Not everyone who offers to perform LASIK eye surgery provides an expert level of treatment and support. You need to make sure that paying an extremely low price does not mean you are endangering the health of your eyes.

It’s important that you ensure the professional you choose to carry out the surgery has the experience and expertise to guarantee a good result. If you are concerned about the cost, then you should be honest from the start. There may be available payment options that make it easier for you to pay for the procedure.

If you like the idea of LASIK eye surgery, you should seek out a reputable provider who is happy to offer you a free consultation. This way, they can check if you are a suitable candidate for the surgery, and you can decide if the surgery is something you want to proceed with.

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  1. Hmm. Interestingly, when I had my lasik eye surgery 11 years ago, the doctor told me I would only get about ten years and then I would have to get glasses/contacts again. She was spot on! I just go to glasses in December last year.

    This was, for me, due to my age. I am now nearly 40 and she indicated that all eyes change Sharon around this age.

    At that time, lasik surgery was fairly new and just becoming popular. I believe that I can have an additional procedure done now that is becoming the standard recommendation for lasik patients. But I opted for glasses 😉

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