5 Best Places to Consider for a Jamaica Honeymoon

5 Best Places to Consider for a Jamaica Honeymoon from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Are you looking to have a Caribbean honeymoon? Jamaica offers gorgeous beaches and lush green coastlines along turquoise waters that make for an ideal romantic getaway. A vibrant and exotic local culture adds to the memorable experience.

Such natural beauty is hard to resist. In 2019 alone, Jamaica welcomed around 4 million tourists. To derive the most out of your Jamaican honeymoon, the below five places promise some of the best moments:

Doctor’s Cave Beach

This charming beach in Montego Bay can be a delightful hideout for newlyweds. Located within the marine park, you can greet several marine organisms. The beautiful corals add to the picturesque beauty of this area. 

You can go on a romantic stroll along the beach. Have adventures together by going snorkeling. Or you may simply sit back and relax in one of its many cafes and restaurants. Some resorts also offer a merry nightlife scene. 

Martha Brae River 

Do you and your partner love to be amidst nature? Head to the Martha Brae River to enjoy the beautiful Jamaican countryside. Together, you can explore the serene lagoon and thriving forest cover. 

If you are going on a Jamaica honeymoon, you cannot miss the rafting tour over these emerald waters. A romantic three-hour ride on a bamboo raft can be exciting and, at the same time, soothing. Visit the Herb Garden and souvenir shops while you are here. 

Negril Beach 

Jamaica has some of the most splendid beaches. Negril beach is another beautiful and pristine location that you must add to your itinerary. Soak your feet in the sand and enjoy this scenic locale with your partner. 

You can capture your moments at Negril Beach in Jamaica on your honeymoon with the most photogenic backdrops. Enjoy blissful moments with your partner by cozying up and watching the dazzling sunset together. The shore also has some lively restaurants and cafes to indulge in some delicious local meals.  

Mystic Mountain

Do you want to make your honeymoon adventurous and more thrilling? Head to the Mystic Mountain to have some adventures together in nature. You can hike up the forest trails to explore the lush greenery.

The most exciting thing that Mystic Mountain offers is a rollercoaster ride. Yes, you read that right. Hop onto Rainforest Bobsled, a rollercoaster that is sure to give you two an exhilarating experience. 

This ride loops around the tree canopies and splashes through a water slide. Moreover, you get to see some breathtaking views on the ride. 

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios can be your next destination during your Jamaican honeymoon. This northern shore area is packed with some amazing resorts that are a favorite of many honeymoon couples. The beaches here are buzzing with activity. You can indulge in souvenir shopping and try the local dishes. 

Another activity to try here is to go onboard a cruise ship. You can have a gala time here with your partner. You can also head to the incredible Dunn’s River Falls and other beautiful natural attractions. 

Jamaica is undoubtedly a beautiful island. You can explore its scenic beauty while indulging in the local cuisine and culture.  These five places offer some of the best activities and locations to have a wonderful honeymoon.

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