Good Excuses to Get Away

Good Excuses to Get Away by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Sometimes we go so long without having a proper vacation that we convince ourselves it’s for the best, or that we really don’t even deserve a vacation. We say things to ourselves like, “Work would fall apart if I was gone for a week” or, “We’d need to find someone to watch the dog, and the dog has major separation anxiety.” Basically, we look for reasons not to do something for so long that they soon become the only things we can see. We just resign ourselves to our current situation. That’s not good for your health either mentally or physically, though. If you have paid time off, then it’s time to use it. It’s time to find reasons to go somewhere rather than reasons to stay at home with your nervous dog. Keep reading for some good excuses to get away.

The Honeymoon You Never Had

If you and your spouse married young, there’s a decent chance you couldn’t really afford to take a truly luxurious honeymoon trip. You may have had to make do with a weekend at your parents’ cabin, or maybe with nothing at all. Now that you’re older and presumably more financially secure, talk to your spouse about romantic destinations you can visit as a way of finally getting that honeymoon. Clear communication is important here; don’t just book a place and then tell your spouse about it unless you are absolutely positive he or she will be OK with that. Your idea of a romantic destination may not be the same as your spouse’s, but you can probably find a place that suits both your needs. Once you zero in on a resort or location, read as many reviews as you can find before making a reservation. If you’re interested in the Welk resort in Southern California, don’t simply read one Welk resort timeshare review. Read a lot of them, and make sure they’re from a variety of sources. That will give you a complete picture of the resort or hotel. Doing the legwork now will allow you and your spouse to focus on quality time as a couple once you arrive at your destination.

You’ve Always Wanted to go to a Certain Place

Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit our nation’s capital and view the Lincoln Monument and the Smithsonian museum. Perhaps you dream of relaxing on the white sand beaches of Hawaii while sipping a tropical cocktail. Sometimes just really wanting to go anywhere at all is a good enough reason. Give yourself permission to follow that dream. If your dream had certain conditions, try and meet those conditions as well. Maybe you only want to go to a beach if you add some muscle to your physique. In that case, start looking at options for doing that. You’ll need to go to the gym and lift weights, and you may also want to look into protein supplements like Humapro. Not every dream is doable (most of us will not win an Oscar or sell out concert halls around the country), but that just makes it all the more important to go after the ones that you can manage. It’s time to stop making excuses and start making reservations.

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