How To Add A Pop Of Color With A Wallpaper Accent Wall

How To Add A Pop Of Color With A Wallpaper Accent Wall

Accent walls are still popular in the home decor industry. More so, the patterns, textures, and designs have drastically evolved over the past decade. These not only add features to your interiors but, because of their flexibility, are also great for making your desired statements. But, before you go on and paint your entire accent wall with poppy colors and accents, we recommend you try it with wallpapers. Easy peel and stick wallpaper not only lets you play with the colors but also allows you to replace them whenever you want to. Worried about what design or color to choose? Don’t be! We’ve got your back.

Highlights In The Room

You don’t necessarily have to create a whole wall but can also go for portions of it. For example, if you have a supporting beam above your mantlepiece, you can use accent colors to highlight this area.

Not only would it bring the attention of your guests to the wall, but also encourage them to admire the highlighted parts. You can add decorative pieces such as your heirlooms, or you can also display your achievements and accolades on this wall.

Make Bold Statements

Accent walls are all about making statements. They add a noticeable charm to one of the key areas in any of your rooms. So, when you wish to make a bold statement, accent walls can do that as well.

Choose bold and bright colors for one of your walls. Next, stick peel wallpaper on the wall that you wish to accentuate. Make sure that you contrast the accent-wall color from the rest of the room. For instance, if you’re choosing cyan for your accent wall, the rest of the room shouldn’t be similarly bright. Choose creamy pastel colors for the rest of your room.

Choose Textures And Patterns

If plain and bold statements are not your thing, do not worry. You can rather go for textures and patterns. For example, adding a  temporary chevron wallpaper might be a good idea. The herringbone pattern has a long legacy of being used in military services and also in creating textile patterns.

Whether you wish to highlight a portion or fix the whole wall. textures and patterns are simply great. Not only it adds features to your interiors but also adds a subtle classic feel to it.

Adding Play To Your Kids Room

You need not use accent walls for your living room or dining room. Perhaps, you can also include them in your kids’ rooms. For example, using chevron pattern wallpapers in peppy colors and freehand zigzags can induce playfulness in kids.

You can also go for solid colors like apple green and magenta blue. These colors are bright and grab attention immediately. Besides they are also pretty well known to help with cognitive development in kids.

In all entirety, wallpapers can give you the flexibility of changing and replacing any design or pattern that doesn’t seem to be what you wanted it to be. That being said, you shouldn’t let others decide your accent wall designs for you.

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