5 Reasons to Take Your Kids on a Road Trip

5 Reasons to Take Your Kids on a Road Trip from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

There’s nothing more exciting than going on a road trip. Us adults love sitting in the car, looking out the window and having a good heart to heart with a passenger. But is this the same for kids?

You might be worried about taking your kids on their first road trip. What happens if they feel cooped up and want to get out? Will they enjoy it as much as you do? Many kids love road trips, provided there are plenty of places to get out and explore. Here are 5 reasons to take your kids on a road trip. 


The world is a scary and dangerous place at the moment. Covid-19 means that traveling is a very different experience, and you might be worried about taking your kids on a stuffy plane with germs floating around. So, taking your kids in the car is a much safer and more viable option. Just be aware of other potential dangers on the road. While you might be less worried about germs, roads can be dangerous, especially when there’s lots of traffic. Speak to a personal injury lawyer if you get into an accident, and always drive carefully. 

Comfort and practicality 

Generally, traveling by car is more comfortable and practical for kids than any other mode of transport. You don’t have a baggage limit, so you can pack as many things as you like. This means lots of comfortable items of clothing, toys, food, and distractions. Plus, if your kids are getting jittery, you can always get out of the car for a walk and explore. If they’re over-tired, you can stop sooner than anticipated at a motel.  


Feeling a little distanced from your kids? There’s no better way to bond than to go on a road trip. You’ll be spending a lot of time together in a small space, so you’ll need to learn to get along. Try playing some fun car games or listening to your favorite CDs. You’ll start to feel more connected immediately. 

Understanding nature

Road trips can be a great way to get your kids to connect to nature. Make sure you stop off at lots of natural places, including caves, beaches and forests. If you really want to embrace the wilderness, why not pack a tent and try camping for a couple of nights? 

Seeing new places

You can see so many wonderful new places on a road trip. While traveling in a plane tends to mainly involve looking at the sea or the sky, there are always exciting views and roadside attractions to keep your kids occupied. Do a road trip in Texas to see the world’s largest bottle of ketchup, or look out for ghosts in the Winchester Mystery House in California. It’s important for kids to see beyond their hometown. 

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