Looking For Car Insurance in Yardley, PA? Consider These Things First

LOOKING FOR A CAR INSURANCE IN YARDLEY, PA? CONSIDER THESE THINGS FIRST from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

So you’ve bought your dream car: a Nissan Altima or a 2020 Ford Mustang. Now, what next? Well, like other fancy car owners in Yardley, you’ll want to ensure that your car stays with you for a while, especially if you pull all stops to buy it. Furthermore, you’ll also want to get car insurance for your whip, and here is where most car owners in Yardley need help. How do you get the right insurance policy for your car? Do you just go out there and purchase an insurance policy? What are those things you need to consider before you purchase an insurance policy? These are some crucial questions you need to consider before deciding to leverage an insurance policy. However, since you have shallow or zero knowledge in this area, you may find it hard to get the right insurance for your baby. And that is where this article becomes useful. Below we have outlined a few things to consider before you decide to purchase that “Amazing” car insurance policy. However, before we delve into that, let’s briefly start looking at car insurance items.

What is Auto insurance?

Of course, if you own a car,  you must be conversant with the word “auto insurance.” However, if you don’t have a car but intend on buying one,  I believe you have heard of other insurances, like home insurance, life insurance, etc.

While auto insurance remains a household name in a world crammed with several automobiles, some people lack the right insights into what car insurance really is.

So, what is this thing they call “car insurance?”

Like home insurance, car insurance is an agreement between you and an insurance company whereby you agree to pay premiums in exchange for protection against financial losses resulting from unfortunate incidents like accidents, theft, and other damages to the car.

Auto insurance can cover things like:

  •  Damage to your car and that of another driver
  •  Property damage or injuries as a result of an accident.
  •  Medical and/or funeral bills as a result of injuries sustained in an accident.

In an era where the average cost of car repairs in Pennsylvania is $316.25, and the average cost of medical bills reaches new highs from time to time, it makes sense to protect your pocket by purchasing car insurance Yardley Pa. However, before doing so, you must first understand the difference between having auto insurance and having auto insurance that provides you with the right coverage.

That said, before you sign a contract with any auto insurance company, you need to consider these things.

1. Car Insurance Types and coverage

Buying a car insurance policy can be likened to buying a house. Of course, before you buy a house in West Chester, Pennsylvania, you would want to do some research. Is the environment safe for you and your kids? Can you afford the houses in the area, etc.? The same applies to car insurance.

Before you decide to purchase car insurance, you must understand that there are different types of insurance policies and coverage. So you’ll have to select an insurance policy based on your needs and your car usage.

The common types of insurance policies that you can buy are comprehensive car insurance and the liability of third-party car insurance. So, ensure you have this in mind when shopping for car insurance and go for what suits your needs.

2. Price

Of course, another thing you need to consider before buying an insurance policy is price. But, ensure that it is not all you review as some exceptional insurance policies go for premium prices.

While shopping for the right coverage for your car, you need to understand that car insurance companies have the habit of including free add-ons or bonuses to make their product more inviting. Thus, begin your search by looking at what’s added as standard (and what is left out) to get a better understanding of what you are paying for.

3. Exclusions

Before buying coverage for your car, it makes sense to conduct some research. One of your researches should be based on the exclusions of the company. Exclusions are specified factors or circumstances that are not insured under an insurance plan.

It makes sense to go over the policy document well beforehand. Doing this will enable you to have good insights regarding the exclusions of the company. And if you are satisfied with them, you can go ahead with the purchase. However, if you aren’t, you should call off the deal pronto to avoid any unfortunate surprise during the claim process. 

4. Network Garages

What is the purpose of insuring your car? To protect your finances from any liability that may arise from accident, damage, or loss of vehicle, right? Definitely!

So, if, for instance, your car gets damaged, you will surely want the company to cover the cost of repairs as per your agreement. However, you must note most online companies offer cashless services only if your car was fixed in a network garage. Thus, before buying an insurance policy, ensure you look for an insurer with max network garage present in their list.

5. Claim settlement ratio (CSR)

It is one thing for you to buy an insurance policy and another for the company to play its part when you submit a claim. Unfortunately, these companies aren’t saints; some aren’t credible. Thus, it makes sense to check a company’s record and claim settlement ratio before making the final decision to use their services. 

CSR will help you determine the percentage of insurance claims settled by an insurer. If the percentage of insurance claims settled by an insurer is high compared to the number of claims received, you can go ahead and make the purchase. However, if the reverse is the call, you may want to look elsewhere.


There are no two ways about it; if you want to protect yourself from liabilities that come with accidents, thefts, or damages to your car, you’ll want to purchase a good insurance policy. A good insurance policy doesn’t have to be very expensive. Provided it has all the necessary coverage, fits your budget, and is void of any red flag; you are good to go.

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