4 Spring Cleaning Tasks Most People Forget

4 Spring Cleaning Tasks Most People Forget

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and it’s getting warmer – it’s the perfect time to unleash your inner neat freak on your home and get it sparkling clean. You’ve got dusting, vacuuming, and mopping on your spring cleaning checklist. You’re even planning to tackle the long-neglected corners of your home. And you’re not alone.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, as much as 75% of the American population participates in the yearly spring-cleaning ritual. However, there are some cleaning tasks that even the most OCD of us overlook year after year.  

So, before getting stuck in, take note of these four spring-cleaning tasks most of us keep forgetting to do.

1. Clean Your Pillows, Soft Furnishings, and Upholstery

When spring rolls around, you should strip your decorative throw pillows, blankets, and sofa covers off your furniture and throw them into the washing machine.

Although our bedding and towels are washed as part of our weekly cleaning routine, the soft furnishings, cushions, throw blankets, and sofa covers are often overlooked. However, if you think about it, these items see as much grime and wear and tear as our carpets!

Many of these can be washed on a delicate setting in the washing machine, but double-check the labels just to be sure. If your furniture covers are non-removable, hire a professional furniture cleaning company to get everything looking and smelling fresh.

2. Turn and Vacuum the Mattresses

The next time you’re stripping beds to wash the bedding, flip the mattresses over. To keep your mattress like new and ensure it’s getting even wear, you should flip it every six months or so. If you have a pillow top or your mattress isn’t designed to be flipped, rotate it instead.  

While you’re there, give your mattresses a thorough vacuuming to remove any dust, dust mites, cobwebs, and any critters that have taken up residence there.  

3. Clean Out Your Trash Cans

Even when you use a trash can liner, they can still get very gross. Food scraps, liquids, and other trash tend to slip down the sides of a garbage can liner and leave an awful mess.

While it’s tempting to hide the mess with a clean liner, you should clean out your trash cans at least once per year. Mix up a bleach and soap solution, slap on some gloves, and give them a thorough scrub. Once you’ve sanitized your trash cans, sprinkle some baking soda onto the bottom to absorb any lingering odors. Let your garbage cans dry in the sun before placing a new liner inside.

4. Dust and Clean Your Window Hangings

You should clean your curtains and drapes at least once a year. Start by vacuuming them, then hang them outside in the sun for a few hours to air them out.

If they require more cleaning, check the care labels before tossing them in the washing machine. Most fabrics can handle a spin in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, but others may require dry-cleaning only.

You should also dust your blinds. Mix up a solution of vinegar and water and wipe them down. If they are very grimy, take them down and soak them in the tub. Hosing blinds off in the shower also works wonders.

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