Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

With every new year, I take each opportunity to rediscover myself and what to improve on. One thing I always like to touch on is my home. It is my pride and joy, aside from my animals and family of course. While I personally love a clean interior y’all, I take this time to see what needs to be improved. The best time to do this is spring when you’re doing your spring cleaning. My outdoor spring cleaning checklist isn’t hard or daunting, and you’ll feel accomplished when everything is done.

Clean the Windows

One easy task for this season is to clean your windows. I focus on cleaning and maintaining the screens, glass, and the surrounding frame. To do this I remove the screens and clean off any dead insects from the mesh. Sometimes I’ll have to replace them entirely if they are ripped apart or bitten through y’all. Additionally, I wipe down the glass and window frame to clean up any possible grime or dirt.

It’s incredible what spot-free and sparkling glass surfaces can do to improve the look and feel of your home. Cleaning windows effectively involves a learning curve, and you can probably learn a thing or two while observing window cleaners. Aren’t you curious about how they carry out their jobs? Check out this collection of professional window cleaning tools and supplies. 

Declutter the Gutters

Another very important task I do for my outdoor cleaning is decluttering my gutters. I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes my gutters overflow for various reasons. This could be from too many leaves and branches, too much rain, or the gutter themselves getting misaligned from heavy winds or storms. Either way y’all, I make this a priority task. Everyone knows if you don’t take care of your gutters then your roof, siding, and basement are at risk for water damage.

Landscape the Yard

Nothing quite says springtime than fresh flowers and freshly mowed grass y’all. Start the new season with some fresh plants and foliage. Now’s the time to place dead flowers with colorful lively ones, or perhaps adding potted plants on your front porch. Also, I usually trim my bushes too so that they’re lined up and looking pretty!

Power Wash Your Siding and Doors

Now listen here y’all, I know I hate a dirty house inside and out. While I can clean my interior all day and feel great, I just know if my outside is equally messy, I won’t sleep a wink. That’s why y’all need to power wash your siding and doors to remove any dirt or scuff marks that might be there. Take it from me: power washing is the way to go. Not only will you remove tough spots that your elbow grease won’t get, but you’ll also reach tougher-to-reach places, like cracks or stubborn spots. I also like to power wash my driveway since I’m already out!

Revamp Your Exterior

Some of the joys to a clean home is seeing what needs to be tossed or replaced, but I also like to use this time to switch up my style. I take this time to add new light fixtures and repaint my door. Sometimes I’ll also get a new rug or some fun porch accessories. The reason I do this is to find a new style for the new season. We all change, and your front porch can change too y’all. 

So tell me do you have an outdoor spring cleaning checklist?

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