5 Tips To Clean Up Your Home After The Holidays

5 Tips to Clean up your Home after the Holidays from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Holidays are the time when you revel and make merry and cleaning is the last thing on your mind. But once the party is over and the guests gone, you probably realize that your home is screaming for a cleanup. It is easy to feel stressed with the spills and stains that seem like they will take ages to get cleaned. Things can go crazy if you have children at home. Still, you cannot leave your living space in an untidy condition and need to clean it sooner rather than later. A post-holiday cleanup is a doable job if you take the right approach. Here are some simple home cleaning tips that you can follow after the holidays.

Start by dismantling the decorations

First things first, you need to clear up the decorations to make the space open and easy to clean. Essentially, post-holiday deep cleaning starts with your living room. Remove the Christmas tree and take down the lights. Be careful with the lights because you can use them the next year if they are not damaged. Even while you dismantle things, make sure that you do it with care and not make the place even dirtier.

Clean and de-clutter the kitchen 

Before you start vacuuming the living room and cleaning the bathrooms, clean the kitchen first. After all, you would not want to cook in a kitchen that is littered with leftovers from the party. Check the fridge and dump the food that you won’t use again. Remove the clutter of bottles, tins and food boxes by throwing them in the trash.

Enlist a professional cleaning service

As a smart homeowner, you should call up a professional cleaning agency to take the responsibility of making your place spick and span. Calling a reputed maid service Austin is a good idea because they send experts who know where to get started and how to clean your place perfectly. This is a wise investment as you need not stress about cleaning after the holiday hangover.

Give away the gifts you do not need

Besides cleaning the place, it is important not to add clutter to your home. This usually happens when you get too many gifts during the holidays. Sift through the gifts and set aside the ones that you will definitely not use. Who needs two more blenders when you already have a couple of them in your kitchen! Instead of stocking them up, just donate in the spirit of the holiday season.

Pay extra attention to the guest rooms

Since you probably had friends or family staying overnight, you cannot ignore the guest rooms. Check them yourself to make sure that nothing has been left behind by your guests. Do keep their belongings safely and inform them is you find anything. Replace the bed sheets and give the guest rooms a thorough clean because you would not want germs left behind in these otherwise-unoccupied rooms.

With these easy tips, post-holiday cleaning will be definitely much easier than you think. You can get your home back to its beautiful self with some smart ideas and a little hard work. 

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