4 Projects To Make Your Yard a More Family-Friendly Place

4 Projects To Make Your Yard a More Family-Friendly Place from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The backyard can often get overlooked when home projects get planned. After all, your family members are often the only ones who see it. That is a disservice to your family, however, since a well-planned yard offers ample opportunity for quality time together. If you want to make your yard more family-friendly, any of these four ideas can help. 

1. Put Up a Fence for Privacy and Security

There are so many reasons why a fenced yard is a good idea. For starters, it adds a layer of privacy to your entertaining and family playtime. It also adds a layer of security. It also means that kids who are ready for a little unsupervised time are confined within a safe area. You have many choices for a fence that can range quite a bit in price, so learn about the pros and cons of popular options before you pick which one would work best for your yard.  

2. Add Active Play Areas To Burn Off Extra Energy

Kids of all ages — that includes parents, too — need space to burn off extra energy. Create active play spaces for fun and adventure to encourage that. Put up a tree house or fort, order trampoline replacement parts to get the old one back into top shape, or plant an open grassy area for sports games. You might be surprised at how the chance to spend time outside really improves the health and attitudes of everyone in the family. 

3. Plant a Garden That Gets Everyone Involved 

Gardening is an excellent hobby that can also teach valuable science lessons. Plant a small garden that everyone in the family can get excited about. Using raised beds can define a space for each family member. Although you may want to offer some guidance and suggestions, especially for younger children, it is a great idea to allow them to choose what will go in their bed. It helps create interest and emotional investment in the garden space. Start a small compost bin to make the most out of vegetable scraps and yard waste.  

4. Install Lights To Extend Outdoor Fun

The sun can’t shine around the clock, so outdoor lights are a great idea. Look for fixtures that illuminate play and gathering areas so family fun can extend into the evening when you want it to. With the proliferation of solar options, you won’t have to worry about running wiring to them. 

From installing lighting and a fence to ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, you can ensure that your family has a safe and fun place to spend time outside. 

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