Kitchen Musings: Finding The Perfect Oven Mitts

Kitchen Musings Finding The Perfect Oven Mitts from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Oven mitts are not hard to find. To get one, all one needs to do is visit their local supermarket and voila! There they are. However, not all oven mitts are created equal, there’s a great vAriation from one oven mitt to the next.

Most commercial oven mitts are not built to last and they easily wear out. Thus, extra caution needs to be exercised when handling kitchen appliances when donning such mitts. Preventing possible incidents of burn is all the more important because the hazards in the kitchen are everywhere. Hot stoves, heated plates, and soups serve as possible burn dangers.

Oven mitts provide a better degree of protection, especially when compared to wet towels. Their heat resistant abilities stem from the fact that oven mitts are made with superior materials. Thus, the materials can ably withstand high temperatures.

Ideally, oven mitts provide users with the freedom to handle kitchen appliances like hot pans and hot plates with great ease. Additionally, oven mitts can be used as coasters to put hot plates or pots on. In doing so, one can protect delicate surfaces like wood from bearing the brunt of the heat.

Importantly, the use of oven mitts is not restricted to the confines of indoor settings. Oven mitts can be put to use in the yard when one is grilling meat. During camping trips, oven mitts can also come in handy since they can facilitate the smooth flipping of burgers in the fire whilst protecting one’s hands from being harmed by the flame.

Amazingly, oven mitts use can extend outside the confines of the kitchen for use in rooms like garages. Replacing light bulbs is a much easier task to accomplish once one has the necessary protection.


When in the market for good oven mitts, there are a number of things one should consider beforehand. As a rule of thumb, always strive to ensure that reviews by both critics and buyers read from the same script. Oven Mitts Reviews are not hard to come by, all one needs to do is conduct a proper internet search in order to be acquainted with the best services on offer.

The level of heat protection and insulation that a particular oven mitt offers is quite important. Good oven mitts should offer sufficient heat protection ranging about 400-450 degrees, tops. One can find the full details about the heat specifications from the packaging.

The material used on the oven mitts is equally an important factor to take into account. Noticeably, cheaper oven mitts are usually made from cotton. Better alternatives are made of Teflon, which offers greater heat protection than cotton materials.

Silicone materials ensure that oven mitts have the added advantage of water resistance as well as heat protection. Expensive models incorporate the use of materials like Kevlar and Nomex, which are considered the strongest materials that can coat oven mitts.

In essence, oven mitts should provide users with a degree of protection whilst still ensuring that operation offers a degree of comfort. An ideal fit should not be too loose or too tight.


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