4 Budget Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

4 Budget Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Absolutely Love from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Did you know that on the average, parents spend about $300 on their child’s Birthday party, and in Britain, it’s about £320? Many go beyond even that in their quest to provide children with an amazing memory and, quite possibly, to impress the guests.

However, if you are a frugal and reasonable person, you definitely don’t need to spend that kind of money on a party. A bit of planning, a couple of nights dedicated to arts and crafts, and a dash of creativity are all you need to throw a fantastic celebration without overpaying for it.

And if your child starts throwing a tantrum about how they want superhero animators or to rent out their favorite pizza place, this might be a good time to have a serious talk about money. Start teaching kids about smart money management and savings as early as possible. This way they will grow up with good habits that will help them later in life.

4 Fun and Affordable Ideas for a Child’s Birthday Party

1.Have a water balloon fight

If your circumstances allow (read if you have a large backyard you can make a mess of), you definitely should consider the water balloon fight idea. Just fill up a few dozen balloons with water and let the kids loose.

You literally won’t have to do anything else to make kids enjoy themselves as they are guaranteed to love running around pelting each other with water-filled balloons. Therefore, all you need to make this party a success is an adult supervisor to make sure kids don’t get too rowdy.

This is a great plan for the summer. But beware of the fallen pieces of the kids’ “ammunition”. Pieces of burst balloons are a choking hazard, so you’ll need to clean them up right away. Preferably, do this while kids enjoy some cake.

2.Have a beach party with no beach

Going with the beach theme means you will be able to create a festive atmosphere easily and without any too fancy decorations that themes like Harry Potter or Avengers will require. You can add some elements of a luau, like music and flower garlands, and straw skirts if your audience is up for it.

This kind of party is easy and cheap to set up, but it’s guaranteed to bring lots of joy to everyone. To create a party like that, you’ll need the help of an event furniture rental to provide you with beach-themed seating and some very basic DIY decorations. You also should consider having the kids watch Lilo & Stitch and Moana get them in the mood for beach fun.

3.Organize an ice cream sundae party

Stock up on ice cream and toppings and let children enjoy creating sundaes of their dreams. This party is simple but it’s guaranteed to be unforgettable. Moreover, you can schedule it in the middle of the day, after lunch, or after breakfast. This way, you’ll be able to avoid the need to serve a meal or even snacks.

Of course, ice cream isn’t free, so you’ll have to make an investment. However, it’s sure to be smaller than feeding half a dozen kids with pizza and snacks.


Make the birthday celebration into an opportunity to teach your child compassion and go out to volunteer for the day. This kind of party will take a few preparation talks with your kid as you choose where exactly you should go for this special day. This is an idea for a close family celebration as not all parents will allow their children to participate, and keeping an eye on several kids in places like animal shelters and nursing homes will be extremely difficult. However, if your personal situation allows for it, you should definitely go with this plan. The impact on your child might be life-changing, like with this boy.

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