Easy Ways to Make Your House Feel More Like Home

Easy Ways to Make Your House Feel More Like Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Many of us have thought that it would be nice to make a few changes around the house, but for whatever reason just never get around to it. The truth is that our homes have an impact on our mental health, and it is well worth putting a bit of effort in now to have a place that really feels like home for the next ten years! Here are some tips to get you thinking in the right direction.

Hang art: Artwork not only makes your house look great, but it is also a fantastic way to make it feel “yours.” Everyone’s taste in art is unique, so art is an easy way to customize your living space. The other great thing about art is that it is easy to change-up when you want a new look.

Clean up: Would you rather stay somewhere clean or somewhere dirty? Our brains are hard-wired to be happier and more at-ease in clean environments. And while it is true that our surroundings are a reflection of our inner state, the reverse is also true: namely, that our surroundings influence the way we feel. It is worth the effort, and if you get in the habit of dealing with clutter as soon as you make it, it won’t even be that hard.

Bring home some nostalgia: You do not have to go out and find that exact record player you had growing up; it is good enough to just find an online record store and get one you like. The same thing is true for anything else you were into (and secretly are still into). Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to find “originals,” just find something close enough to bring your joyful memories back up to the surface.

Get a pet: It does not matter if you are a cat person, a dog person, or a bunny person – all houses feel more like home when there is a family to come home to. Even if your only family is your fur family, you will be amazed at how much you look forward to coming home when you know that you are going to get licked to death when you walk in the door.

Buy some plants: The greenness of our homes can impact our mental health just as much as cleanliness can. We have evolved to live in a natural environment, and it is just not good for us to be completely removed from it. Plus, plants make your home more inviting and recycle the oxygen in your house.

Add lighting: Even a beautiful house can become quite uninviting if it has insufficient lighting. Well-lit homes are not only more inviting, but they also look bigger and positively impact your mood. That said, not all light is created equal, and you want to stay away from fluorescent lighting or blue-tinted light. Try and find a warm white or soft yellow light, as these colors promote a calmer state of mind.

Put up family photos: Wherever and whatever we think of as home, it is sure to be associated with family and friends. Unfortunately, these days we are rarely able to stay as close as we like to family; however, it can make a big difference just to see them around. Pictures bring back good memories and make us remember that we are not alone.

It is not just a good idea to make your house feel more like a home – it is imperative. Our surroundings have a strong influence on our inner state. Fortunately, it is easy to change up your living space: hang art, find some nostalgia, clean up, get a pet, and add light, plants, or photos. Obviously, it is not the end of the world if you don’t do everything, just pick and choose what is right for you. You won’t believe the difference it makes.

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