Modern Interior Design Trends – What Works and What Doesn’t in 2019

Designing that perfect interior for your home is not only essential in terms of aesthetics but also functionality as well. No longer people make do with interiors that only perform their functions. Modern people of 2019 are always after design ideas that make them like what they see. Creative interior designing that might be nothing like that of the past has become a trend.

Domestic interiors have seen great change in materials used with their designs as well. Some of the very best of interior designs include approaches that defy interior designing of the past. All features of a modern house including all rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and all other areas need special attention.

If you are redoing your interior this year or setting up a new one, here are few design trends that work and few that don’t:

Works: Doing More with Less (Sustainability)

There has been much talk about sustainability in all aspects of what we do. Interior designing is pretty much the same. With sustainability, who you buy from and the values they stand for might be the key. Also, your own preferences and lifestyles will contribute a lot. Once you are on the sustainability side of things, you can still create something worth your while.

Staying minimalistic and earth friendly is the key with sustainable interiors. All (or more) of the materials in your interiors can be ecofriendly to their maximum capacity. From wall pieces to hanging decorations and also including furniture, carefully sourced materials work for all interior items. You can simply do much more with less than most of us have ever imagined.

Minimal color tones also work great with sustainable interiors. You need to create an aesthetic that gives the idea of sustainability. Muted colors with brilliant mixes of accents will work great in this setting.

Doesn’t Work: Electric Clutter

There used to be a time when Bohemian style of interiors used to look great. These fully design filled interiors gave an electric vibe to them. Wallpapers, ceiling paint jobs and all the artwork including furniture gives an electric vibe. However, these types of interiors are no longer popular in 2019.

People are more into elegance and minimalism than electric design abundance and bohemian fullness. You are much better off by reducing the full designs and going with elegant color choices. Design themes of today need to make a statement and not confuse the onlooker with too much of everything.

Quite simply, electric over-abundance of design creates chaos in many people’s minds. Honestly, when you think about such implementation, it is just not functional at all.

Works: Nature and Much of It

Planters, actual baskets of florals, large vases are all in. People have slowly but surely brought these natural ingredients into their interiors and that is for many good reasons. For the aesthetic standpoint, these planters or florals are quite amazing to look at. When placed in your rooms, these give quite a look of their own with fancy colors and beautiful aesthetics.

For function, these helps improve the quality of air you breathe in your rooms. More oxygen is always better for us humans. More and more people are tilting towards keeping real natural plants and florals. Some people are also investing in their own home-grown gardens for vegetables and plants.

Vertical gardens for indoor kitchens are great ideas taking care of all your herbs needs. For the most part, their green color and fresh feel make people feel great things about them. Do include these in your interiors making them great.

Doesn’t Work: Café or Bar Look in Your Home

There also used to be a time when people loved a café or bar look for their home interiors. Living rooms or separate home bars were established for many purposes. However, this trend has slowly moved out of homes in 2019. People no longer want a full fledge home bar or café anymore. Cabinets are more in than these bars.

Even high-quality Kitchen Backsplash Tile art works better than a café look. Large cabinets in the kitchen do the job of storing all your booze. Simple high tables with high chairs work much better in your living rooms on one side as well. Mixed living room décor is more in today than a solely café or bar look.

Similarly, color choices for your home have evolved past a café or bar finish as well. Fresh colors are more in today than those darker ones in a traditional café.

Works: Modern Memphis Designs

A lot of attention is being given to modern Memphis designs today. Going are the straight rigid furniture lines. People are selecting more curvy items including furniture, room designs and floor coverings. Graphic shapes with primary colors are very much in today’s modern interiors.

Since the eighties, this is one of the major interior design trends that has crept in our homes. If everything goes right for these, general perception is that they are here to stay for well after 2019. So, no more straight edgy designs, every fancy design that you can think of for all items should be incorporated.

We even recommend throwing in a bit of fancy artwork on your walls. Light and bright colors for the walls with colorful artwork never fails to amaze right! Insulated Glass Window designs that still let in all the daylight are also in trend rather than tinted or colored windows.

Doesn’t Work: Statement Upholstery

Statement upholstery also used to be quite a trend. Interior rooms used to make bold statements with all kinds of upholstery. Fabrics were used for furniture finishes, wall décor and window coverings. However, this design trend is on its way out.

Fabrics are now giving way to more complete enveloping of the whole space with chic finishes. Textures are more in than patterns as well. This textured chic look is definitely here to stay making all your room sides look in one design theme.

You should definitely try one of these in your rooms. Create a full wall design theme with perfect colors that continues from one side and finishes on the other. Brilliant colorings for all your accents can carry though eliminating the fabric looks for good. Also, these fabrics didn’t age very well so all is good that ends well right!

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