4 Best Baseball Cities in the U.S. You Must Visit This Summer

4 Best Baseball Cities in the U.S. You Must Visit This Summer

Baseball is arguably one of the most followed sports not only in the US but also all over the world. Fans of this sport are known to travel far and wide to watch their favorite teams play as well as enjoy a relaxing vacation while taking the time to quench their thirst for the sport. There are over 350 cities across the US where you can visit to watch at least one professional baseball team playing. These cities not only provide players with a great opportunity to enjoy watching baseball but also sample some of the finest delicacies in the cities and see magnificent views.

Baseball is about opening day, underdogs winning it all, hot dogs and cold beer, people shouting in ecstasy or shouting in anger, and kids from different teams coming together to form a great team. But how do you get baseball game tickets? You can get them in person, book them over the phone, or order them online. The best way to check for available tickets is to check the team’s website. For instance if you were looking at USPBL games, you would go to their site and click on the tab for tickets to see when they’re available and the best number or address to get them from.

Some of the top cities in the US to visit this summer for baseball and vacation include:

Los Angeles

Los Angeles or the city of angels as it is popularly known is the place to be this summer for classic baseball activities and refreshing vacation. But the traffic in the city can be brutal. So why not use a car service lax airport. It can be helpful getting around the city.  The city is a rare gem for all baseball fans; both diehard fans and casual ones. The city is also a perfect haven for travelers from across the globe looking forward to sampling some of the finest delicacies in the US. The city is home to Dodger Stadium- the largest baseball stadium in the US on the basis of seating capacity.

When in Los Angeles, you should be sure to check out the iconic Hollywood sign, and visit the Santa Monica pier and TCL Chinese Theatre. What’s even more fascinating about Los Angeles is that while in the city, you can also visit the Angel Stadium in Anaheim. When visiting the city of angels for a summer vacation, you can be guaranteed to get value for your hard-earned cash. If you are lucky, you will bump into one of your favorite movie and movie stars.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a perfect getaway for adventurous baseball fans. The city is home to historic baseball stadiums like the exclusive AT & T Park which is also home to San Francisco Giants. While in the city for a vacation, be sure to visit the Baltimore Oriole Park built-in 1992 at Camden Yards. The best thing about the baseball parks in San Francisco is that they have undergone a renaissance.

If you are into water activities like paddling, then you can paddle up your way to the AT & T stadium as it is located right next to the San Francisco Bay. This will definitely spice up your vacation and make it as memorable as it can get. For people who love sampling delicious seafood, you can visit popular neighborhoods in the city like Fisherman’s Wharf for nicely prepared and fresh seafood.

A visit to San Francisco would not be complete without taking a dive or walking across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. At this bridge, you will enjoy jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring sights of the marveling engineering of the bridge. There are a lot of other unique places you can visit and exciting things to do while in San Francisco.

St. Louis 

St. Louis is one of the must-visit places for both baseball fans and enthusiasts of the sport. Being home to the National League’s Cardinals team, the city has a rich history of baseball. It is arguably the best city to enjoy relaxing pastime and vacation in the US. When in the city, be sure to catch a baseball game at the Busch Stadium. The Gateway to the city’s west offers more fun and excitement to travelers

After enjoying a baseball game in the stadium, you should visit St. Louis Arch- one of the most popularly recognized landmarks in the world. What is more amazing about the city is that there are countless local breweries including Anheuser-Busch, all of which are located within walking distance from the stadium.

If you love hiking on nature trails, you can visit the Rockwoods Reservation in the city for a hiking session on one of the reservation’s rugged trails. There are also plenty of shopping places and complexes within the city for shopping enthusiasts to visit. Ideally, you can exhaust visiting all the attraction sites and accomplish things to do while in the city in one vacation. As such, you will most likely plan for a second and possibly a third visit to the city.

New York City

New York is a must-visit city for everyone; whether you are a fan of baseball or not. Home to the New York Yankees, the city boasts of diverse geography. The most iconic baseball landmark in New York is the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum which contains resourceful information on the history of the sport. There are also landmarks of other sports like soccer, racing, tennis, and basketball. There is a perfect balance of all sports in the city and as such, if you are an advent sportsman, you will definitely find the city to be very resourceful and exciting to stay in during your vacation.

When in the city, be sure to visit the iconic state empire building. If you are movies and plays, visit one of the many theaters in the city to enjoy classic entertainment and relaxation during your vacation. The architecture of the city is well refined comprising both modern buildings and ancient establishments that are very rich in history.

There are countless eateries and restaurants in the city from where you can sample some of the best delicacies from all over the globe. What is even more fascinating about the city is that it is home to tens of wineries from where you can sample some of the well fermented and blended wines. There is enough of everything to see and do while in the city for a vacation including world-class accommodation facilities.

As baseball and its popularity grow across the US as well as abroad, there will definitely be so much for fans to enjoy and see while in the US or any place to enjoy watching a game of baseball. All these places, cities, and destinations are popular for taking baseball viewing experiences to a whole new level.

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