3 Ways to Treat Your Dog

3 Ways to Treat Your Dog from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When it comes to treating a dog, nobody knows how better to do it than the dog’s owner. Whether it involves making them feel more comfortable, having them look more presentable, or making sure that if you lose them they can be returned to you quickly. So, this article will look at ways to treat your dog to your mutual benefit. When buying accessories from Fetching Ware this is certainly the case.

But before we talk about ways to treat your furbabies. Let’s talk about some products like their beds. Pet products have evolved significantly to cater to the diverse needs of our beloved companions, and among these, pet beds stand out as indispensable essentials. These specialized sleeping sanctuaries epitomize comfort and support for our furry friends, providing a cozy haven where they can rest and rejuvenate. Pet beds come in a myriad of designs, sizes, and materials, ensuring that there’s an ideal option for every pet, regardless of their breed or size. From plush cushions to orthopedic wonders, these beds prioritize not only the physical well-being of pets but also their emotional comfort. As a quintessential component of the vast array of pet products available, pet beds exemplify the commitment to creating an environment where our animal companions can thrive, relax, and feel cherished within the heart of our homes. And this is just one of the ways that you can treat your dog as well as yourself. Think about how much fun you will have picking out their new bed.

New Collar

There is nothing more pleasing to a dog than having a new collar fitted. It makes them feel special and that you care. It is symbolic of you taking them for a walk. It is something that needs to be comfortable enough for your dog to wear at all times, yet look trendy enough for you to feel proud to take your dog wherever you go. It is worth investing in a quality one and in a shade that just complements your dog’s coat.

And if your dogs are anything like mine, this is definitely the way to go to treat your dog.


Tags are about identification and so important should you mislay your dog. This may seem like a careless act but you only need to have a hole in your fence and your dog can wander off, become confused and panic, and not be able to find its way back to you. This can become a tragic event if both the dog and the owner never see each other again. This is entirely preventable, though, when you have a pet ID tag attached to their collar that identifies them as yours.

Pet ID tags do not have to look like something that hangs from a dog collar out of necessity, they can also look good. Perhaps it is a bone shape and comes in many shades.

You can think of a pet ID tag as a navigational tool should your dog lose its way. Imagine the reunion when your dog is returned to you as quickly as possible, without the need for a vet to scan it. The tag will simply provide its address so that it can be returned to its rightful home. The home that loves and cares for it and feeds it. Who would not want to make the process as easy as possible when it comes to having their dog returned? After all, a dog becomes part of a family. You will miss them, your children will miss them, and your children’s friends will miss them. You will find it hard to get over if you have not done everything within your power to keep your dog safe and make it easier for them to be returned to you safely.


Playtime is something that a dog enjoys. This is because you are giving them your undivided attention. Toys make the play situation more enjoyable for a dog. Toys are also something that a dog will play with to amuse itself when you have to leave it alone, it will prevent them from chewing your slippers or your skirting boards. 

Toys can be soft for your dog to cuddle up to, as you cuddled up to your teddy bear as a child. They are a comforter to help your dog sleep when you are not at home. Toys can resemble everyday items that your dog will be familiar with because they see them around the home but are not allowed to touch them. They can resemble foods that they are not allowed to eat or animals that they have no chance of catching. You will gain as much amusement from some of the toys available as your dog will. They make a gratefully accepted present for your dog. As part of the family, you will want to celebrate their birthday just as you do a human birthday. Perhaps even buy them a toy that resembles a cake.

Some dogs love to tear their toys into pieces and then eat them. If your dog is one of them, get them a healthy and long-lasting chew such as bully sticks to gnaw on. This way, you don’t have to worry about your dog swallowing something they shouldn’t. Note that anything can be a choking hazard for your furry friend, so keep an eye on them, especially when they’re chewing on something, like treats and toys. 

In summary, you can treat your dog by buying something functional and trendy , such as a collar or a pet ID tag, and also by considering their entertainment and buying them a toy that can double up as a comforter.

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