3 Ways to Teach Kids to Be More Environmentally Conscious

3 Ways to Teach Kids to Be More Environmentally Conscious from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We want to pass on the best habits to our children so that they can grow into the next generation of upstanding citizens. One of the best lessons we can teach kids is how to care for the world they live in. When it comes to an eco-friendly lifestyle, I do my best to lead by example and to be a good role model for all the kids in my life. Here are some ways to teach kids to be more environmentally conscious as they grow into respectable adults.

Learn to Appreciate Nature

There are many reasons to get our kids outside. The fresh air, the sunshine, and the chance to get rid of some energy are all perks to spending time in the great outdoors. The more time kids spend outside, the greater appreciation they’ll have for nature and all its wonders. It’s important to let our kids experience different kinds of environments as well. Take a trip to a nearby state park, or plan some great landscapes to visit the next time y’all take a family vacation. 

Help Endangered Animals

Children—just like the rest of us—love animals, and no one wants to see any of the planet’s most extraordinary creatures on the endangered species list. Another way to teach kids to be more environmentally conscious is to teach them how to take care of animals. You can adopt or sponsor an endangered animal at the zoo or a conservation center. For a more local, direct experience, your kids can help protect local bee populations, which are vital to the growth of gorgeous flowers and abundant crops.   

Practice Sustainability

The more hands-on experience they have, the better kids learn—and enjoy learning—about how to be environmentally conscious. Find ways to include them as you create a greener home and lifestyle. Discover crafts and other fun ways to reuse things without throwing them out, and have your kids help with all the DIY projects. Another idea is to start a garden as a family. You can even let the kids pick out what fruits, vegetables, or herbs they want to grow. Start sustainable habits with your kids, and they’ll stay in the habit as they grow up.

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