Perfectly Imperfect and Still Smiling

Today is another post in the series about erasing the negative images we see every day. I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I have enjoyed sharing these brave women with you. Just in case you missed any of this series, you can catch up by clicking giving back in the menu.

Today I have the pleasure of sharing Trish’s, from the NC Blogger Network, story. Don’t you just love her pink hair?

Perfectly Imperfect and Still Smiling from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I like this pic because it’s me; perfectly imperfect. This is me, not a stitch of make-up on, but wearing a smile – which is how I spend most of my days. Not that many who know me professionally would know because before this point in my life, I’d never have allowed a photo of me to hit the internet without makeup on. But let’s be real, how many people walk around camera-ready? It’s time to just love ourselves where we’re at, no more trying to be someone else’s version of who we should be. 

I’m down to earth, easy going, a little silly, and as laid-back as I can possibly be as a work-from-home entrepreneur mom of two teenagers. Oh and this pic is a selfie, in my bathroom, in front of the shower curtain using portrait mode on the new iPhone XS Max. 


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  1. Oh hey there! What do you know? It’s me! Thanks so much for the opportunity to share and hopefully inspire others to be themselves and live in their truth.

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